The Circle? Who is Natalya Platonova? Instagram, age and career!

Natalya Platonova has just entered the nation’s famous block of flats, otherwise known as where The Circle happens. So, who is the player?

Almost a week in, and the Channel 4 catfish series has already mixed it up even more, adding two new contestants into the game.

Natalya has entered as her friend Felix, and is hoping to catfish The Circle 2021 family through the virtual social media platform.

With the aim of the game to become the most popular contestant, Natalya has settled in nicely, with Manrika and ‘Felix’ hitting it off already.

Screenshot: Natalya Platonova, The Circle, Series 3 Episode 5, All 4

Who is Natalya Platanova?

Natalya is a British soldier, from Reigate, has entered Channel 4’s The Circle.

She has been a military police officer for six years.

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The player, who can speak Russian, thought that people might think she is a catfish if she went in as herself, due to her looks and career.

So instead, Natalya has decided to be a catfish, and entered the series as her friend Felix, who she has portrayed as a 29-year-old paratrooper.

Natalya from The Circle: Age and career

Natalya, 30, revealed that it all started when she was watching TV, and saw an advert asking people to join the military.

Her first thought was that joining the army would “p*** her mum off”.

The player’s role in the army is to uphold the law, meaning she holds a baton and handcuffs on a daily basis.

She said that she knows exactly how they talk and act in every situation, as she is around men 24/7 as part of her job.

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Meet Natalya Platonova on Instagram

Natalya, who has 4.3K followers, lives a life of travelling, army training, and spending time with her partner.

As if speaking two languages and being in the army didn’t make her skilled enough, she can also push over heavy wheels and play the piano!

Her happy place is Dartmouth, Devon, where she has camped in a tent.

Looking at Natalya’s Instagram, the adventure-lover is passionate about the outside world and spending time with friends.



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