Five Guys a Week became an instant hit since the premiere of its first-ever series on Channel 4.

The show sees a single woman spending the week with five different guys at her home after which she has to pick up one of them.

We’ve seen many dating programmes on the telly, but Five Guys a Week is definitely a unique one as it has an original format and storyline.

Episode 5 (Tuesday, April 7th) features singleton Nina who’s looking for a romantic partner after being single for some time. So, let’s meet Nina and get to know her more!

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Nina on Five Guys A Week, Ep.5

Meet Nina

Nina is a 33-year-old sales executive from Sunderland. She is the fifth and final singleton looking for love on the Channel 4 show.

Prior to her current role, Nina used to be a dancer, having worked in hotels in Dubai and in Disneyland Paris. Plus, she also worked as a magician’s assistant in the past.


Speaking to Chronicle Live, Nina revealed that her main motivation to join the series was to learn more about serial dating.

“Dating’s not really been my thing, I’ve only just started dating again as I’m recently single,” Nina explained. “I’ve just kind of dated through work, I’ve never really done the dating app thing.”

She added:

I just threw myself in massively with Five Guys, because I’m not a serial dater in all fairness.

Ep5. Nina.

Nina on Five Guys a Week 

On the Channel 4 series, Nina met with 30-year-old Mark, a financial advisor and Scott, 34, who is a part-time model.

She also invited 29-year-old abseiler Joe, 31-year-old marine engineer Carl and Dale, 29, an operations manager.

Out of the five guys, Scott is the only one with a public Instagram profile. After all, he’s a part-time model so he must keep an active social media presence.

You can find Scott on Insta under the handle @scottroberttaylor.

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