Ning and Mark were just two contestants who entered Married at First Sight as singletons – and said their vows on the first day they met.

As season 6 of the dating show gets well underway on E4, the couples are tested by going on honeymoons and living together for 6 weeks.

Ning and Mark seemed to have a rocky start to their relationship, but fans are starting to notice a change in their marriage… so is there a connection?

We had a look into where and what Ning and Mark are up to in 2021, and whether they are still together.

Screenshot: Ning and Mark, Married At First Sight Australia, Series 6 Episode 9, All 4

Who are Ning and Mark?

Hairdresser Ning Surasiang, 32, from Townsville, Queensland, was matched with ex-army personnel Mark Scrivens, 42, from Melbourne.

Ning, who is a single mum, admitted she had trust issues during the show.

Fitness coach Mark and Ning spent their honeymoon in Bangkok, and seemed to get along, however it didn’t look like things were working out.

Are Ning and Mark still together?

  • No

Ning and Mark ended their relationship before the show ended.

While Ning wanted to stay with Mark, he said he hadn’t managed to find love with her and that he was not in the relationship enough to continue.

It was all revealed at final vow ceremony, which ended with Ning getting rid of her vows before walking off crying.

Where is Ning now?

Ning is in a relationship with operations manager Kane Micallef, 35, who she started dating in August 2020.

She spends most of her time as a mum-of-three to Kia, Kobi and Kai.

The MAFS star calls herself a “cooking mama” on Instagram, and is regularly seen making dishes for her followers to get inspiration from!

What is Mark doing now?

Mark has also found love, with girlfriend and netballer Bianca Chatfield, who he has been dating for over a year.

He owns and runs Freelancer Cafe in St Kilda, and works with talent and model agency Bella Management.

It looks like Mark and Bianca regularly enjoy travelling together, having been pictured at some incredible locations in the past year.



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