Get to know Olaf and Fritha from Grand Designs episode 2

Get to know Olaf and Fritha from Grand Designs episode 2

Kevin McCloud is back in 2021 with a brand new batch of incredible builds on Channel 4’s Grand Designs. Episode 1 of the new series kicked off on September 1st at 9 pm.

Series 22 began in South Devon with Joe and Claire’s striking home, episode 2 is filmed in West Sussex and episode 3 will take viewers to Scotland, plus, there are many more locations to come later in the series. For now, let’s find out more about Grand Designs episode 2’s Olaf and Fritha Mason!

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Grand Designs episode 2

Grand Designs episode 2 sees Kevin McCloud head to West Sussex to meet couple Fritha and Olaf who are building a triangular house!

Fritha and Olaf have a budget of £190,000 to build their dream three-bedroom home. While building their house, they’re also going through IVF so there’s more than just the couple themselves to consider with this build.

Located between a busy road and a railway line, Fritha and Olaf begin with just a plot of land. Episode 2 reveals how they get on with their very unique project.

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Meet Olaf and Fritha from Grand Designs

Carpenter Olaf Mason and his wife, Fritha, got married in India around three years ago as per her YouTube channel. The pair tied the knot in a Mantra Mangalya union.

The couple can be found on Instagram @trianglehouse.bymasoncarpentry.

Via their Instagram page, Olaf and Fritha (AKA Frolaf), share the latest news of the build and all the goings-on of their life together.

Sex Education | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Sex Education | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Grand Designs’ Fritha Mason is a CEO

Fritha and Olaf first took to IG in 2018 to share that they were beginning their self-build project.

At the same time, the couple has also been working and Fritha is actually the CEO of her own company.

As per her LinkedIn page, Fritha is CEO of Secret Projects Global which is all about empowering women.

According to the Secret Projects website: “Behind Secret Projects there lies a passionate and driven story to empower women in India through the making and selling of clothing and homeware, so they can support themselves, their families and make a valuable contribution to their communities.”

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