Who is Olivia Walker? Meet Inside Missguided's narrator and receptionist!

Channel 4’s brand new documentary, Inside Missguided: Made in Manchester, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the fashion brand’s HQ. 

From the head of brand and designers to the receptionists and social media managers, we meet the people behind Missguided at every rank of the organisation.

The new series kicked off on Wednesday, August 12th at 10 pm and will air weekly on Channel 4 for four weeks, meaning it will conclude on Wednesday, September 2nd.

One question that Inside Missguided viewers had while watching the series was who the mysterious Olivia Walker was, who is the narrator. Find out about Olivia here!

Who is Olivia Walker?

Olivia Walker is the receptionist at Missguided’s headquarters in Manchester. From her accent, its pretty easy to tell that Olivia is from Manchester herself, much like most of the Missguided staff.

Olivia joined the company in March 2019, so has been the receptionist there over a year and a half.

She turned 25 years old on November 30th of last year, meaning Olivia was born in 1994.

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Olivia Walker on Inside Missguided

It’s pretty clear that Olivia works for the company throughout the show.

In the first episode of Inside Missguided, we hear Olivia narrate: “It’s a place where me and 229 bad a** b****es work our a*** off 24/7.”

Olivia constantly refers to herself working at Missguided, although we did not see her in the episode.

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Missguided’s Olivia Walker on Instagram

We found Olivia Walker on Instagram, where she has been sharing posts to her Story about the new Channel 4 series.

Olivia already has over 3,600 followers, but we’re sure this is going to rise after her narration role on Inside Missguided.

You can follow Olivia @i.liv.eyor.




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