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Screen Shot: Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins SU2C - Channel 4

Opinion: Wayne Bridge deserves more than winning Celebrity SAS - he deserves his own show!

Wayne Bridge may have been crowned the winner of Celebrity SAS 2019 on Sunday night (May 5th) but he deserves much more.

For anyone who has watched Wayne’s uplifting performance on the gruelling Channel 4 show, we can all agree that it’s about time he and wife Frankie had their own show.

Reality TV needs less bullsh*t and more people like Wayne.

Wayne Bridge

Raw, honest and powerful

Wayne Bridge’s wholehearted accounts on Celeb SAS have given viewers a truly eye-opening account of celebrity stardom.

Both tabloid newspapers and reality TV shows portray celeb life as a rampant media-hungry orgy, full of nothing more than back-stabbing relationships and never-ending gossip.

Celeb life is presented to us like an adult version of schoolyard kiss-chase on the playground of London, only you’re more likely to run into a drugs scandal than you are the headmaster.

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

A real reality TV show would look at the life of Wayne Bridge.

Wayne’s ex-girlfriend cheated on him with his ‘football friend’ and captain of the England national team at the time, John Terry.

But that’s not the story that defines Wayne, despite the media’s best attempts to drag him through the mess for over 10 years.

No, the 38-year-old is admirable, kind, inspiring and brave.

Here’s a man who has pushed all negative press to one side, tucking away his professional football boots in the deepest and darkest corner in order to support and love his family.

Wayne continually broke down on SAS over trust and confidence issues.

In one heartbreaking confession, he admitted that he always felt stupid and inadequate to his sons as he was “nothing but a stay-at-home dad”, despite an elite-level football career.

Other interrogations revealed how Wayne suffered from money problems having trusted the wrong people while tripping through the minefield of business hurdles at a young age.

He also admitted that he’d never found another working purpose in life following early retirement. And that was some five years ago.

Screenshot: Celebrity SAS 2019 – Wayne Bridge injury

Wayne lives with his three sons alongside wife Frankie – who is, of course, the renown pop singer from the group The Saturday’s.

Yet despite their A-list status, the pair are incredibly humble.

A beautiful, truthful and relatable reality TV series would focus on their lives and not the likes of fame-hungry Gemma Collins and co.

A five-strong family working through the cogs of post-celebrity stardom, enjoying life’s simplicities while ironing out their own emotional complexities.

Someone. Make it happen.



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