This series of The Great British Bake Off 2020 is impressing fans, but what they really want to know is what pans are used on the show.

For fans of the baking show, the pans used have become a noticeable part of the show and wannabe bakers can feel a bit closer to that famous tent with the same exact ones at home.

So, we did the digging so you don’t have to and found what pans are reportedly used on bake off 2020 —both baking pans and frying ones!

Paul Hollywood handshake-worthy baking skills do not come with the pans, unfortunately.

The Great British Bake Off tends to not publicise the brands of items used on the show, because of product placement rules on Channel 4. However, the show has teamed up with sponsor Amazon to create shopping lists in the past.

Ep3. Rowan. Image via Channel 4

The baking pans reportedly used on Bake Off

Baking pans are of course an essential part of the Bake Off experience and any fan of the show will recognise the iconic grey trays. In fact, according to the Independent, baking trays were added to the basket of goods used to measure inflation in the UK, which is appointed to the rise in sales thanks to Bake Off.

If you’re looking to have the famous pans for yourself, look no further than Silverwood Bakeware. Although there has been no confirmation from Bake Off 2020 on who makes their pans, the Silverwood website states that its pans have been used on The Great British Bake Off.

Paul, Matt, Prue and Noel…NOTE: All Bake Off imagery was taken following production guidelines. Image via Channel 4

Pots and Pans

As reported by the Daily Mail, the pans used on Bake Off pre-2020 seem to be by GreenPan. The specific ones used on the show are said to be the GreenPan Venice Professional Ceramic Non-Stick Frying Pans, which are a grey colour with a silver metal handle. At £42 you can purchase them from John Lewis or online at the GreenPan website.

However, eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that this year’s pans differ slightly from the iconic grey ones. The pans used on Bake Off 2020 are apparently Trustone pans, which can be purchased from various retailers such as Wayfair and Very.

Ep3. Lottie. Image via Channel 4

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