Peter Sawkins baked to success this year, becoming the Bake Off 2020 champion. So, which university is he spending most of his time in now?

As this year’s series of The Great British Bake Off came to a close, we got to see what all the bakers have been up to since filming.

We were informed that Peter has been at university since he won, becoming the youngest ever person to win the Bake Off. Pretty cool.

So which university does Peter Sawkins attend? We’ve got the lowdown!

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Which university does Peter go to?

  • University of Edinburgh

Peter studies accounting and finance in Edinburgh.

It isn’t too far from where he grew up, so he must have wanted to stay close to home. Peter is the first Scottish contestant to ever win the Bake Off!

He is also part of the university’s badminton club, which he proudly states in his Instagram bio.

The club wrote on Twitter: “Congrats Peter – we at Badminton Scotland are so very proud of you! Amazing achievement!”

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Peter’s university congratulate him

It’s pretty clear the the University of Edinburgh are over the moon about Peter’s win on Bake Off.

Alfredo Gonzalez-Sulser, who works at UofE, wrote on Twitter: “In more important news, Peter from the University of Edinburgh won the Bake Off.

“Dancing and shouting occurred in our flat when it was announced.”

The main library have even encouraged him to set up a baking stall.

What else has Peter been up to?

Peter has obviously continued his love of baking in his own kitchen.

He’s also dressed up as a cookie monster, baked NBA cookies, and well, done some more baking – but let’s be honest, we didn’t expect anything less.

The winner surprised his flat mates on Tuesday night, as they had no idea how far he went in the Bake Off until they watched the final themselves!



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