First Dates Hotel 2020: We found Rachael on Instagram - get to know the Channel 4 star!

The new series of First Dates Hotel kicked on Thursday, April 30th on Channel 4.

The spin-off edition of the popular dating show follows singletons looking for love and romance in a luxury resort in Italy.

Episode 1 (April 30th) featured Rachael who’s looking to find a partner after a series of unsuccessful relationships.

So, here’s everything you need to know about Rachael, including career and Instagram!

Rachael on First Dates Hotel 2020

Meet Rachael from First Dates Hotel

Rachael Leader comes from Leicester.

The Channel 4 star revealed that she lives with her family back home and looks to rebuild her confidence after unsuccessful dates in the past.

In episode 1 (April 30th), Rachael rekindled with an old friend of hers, Georgia Rose, who she previously met on social media. Rachael and Georgia both had dates later in the evening, though they couldn’t stop thinking about each other the whole time!

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Rachael on First Dates Hotel 2020

Rachael’s career

According to Rachael’s LinkedIn bio, she works as a manufacturing senior coordinator at Pepsi Co in Leicester.

Rachael graduated from Leicester College in 2009 and has a long list of experiences on her CV. For instance, the First Dates Hotel star worked in the fashion, health, leisure and marketing industries.

She joined Pepsi Co as a product coordinator in 2014 and has been in her senior position since 2018.

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Are Rachael and Georgia dating now?


The series has just started so there’s nothing official on their relationship out there yet.

However, things are definitely heating up between the two, so they should reveal more in the upcoming episodes.

Georgia and Rachel on First Dates Hotel 2020


Follow Rachael on Instagram

You can find Rachael on Instagram under the handle @missrleader.

With over 280 posts, she has more than 2,500 followers, though we’re sure this number is set to rocket after her stint on First Dates Hotel.

Rachael is on Twitter too and you can find her profile @rachaelleader.




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