The Secret Life of the Zoo has been one of Channel 4’s most popular wildlife shows in years and they’re back with an Underwater Special!

The episode aired last night (Thursday, May 23rd) to the delight of viewers, who got to see the secret ongoings of penguins, salamanders and some rather bizarre blind fish.

But with these one-off specials comes two factions – those who love to see something different and those who demand a return to the more cute and cuddly animals.

So, was The Secret Life of the Zoo Underwater Special actually any good? Read on to find out what we thought…

Pictured: Chalk bass

Tim’s blind dates

We are first introduced to the rather bizarre 32-year-old Tiny Tim – the Omani blind cave fish – who is struggling to find the incentive to mate, despite being surrounded by five females.

But with a little help from some hormones, Tiny Tim quickly found his incentive…

As Zookeeper Hannah hilariously wished for, they did indeed get a “fish orgy”.

The Secret Life of the Zoo – Tiny Tim.

Penguin Love Island

The show took a rather hilarious turn as one of the zookeepers made a comparison of the penguin mating season at Chester Zoo to Love Island.

What ensued was the tale of playboy Frazzle and the more shy Panay and whether they’d make it as a couple…

But he ended up settling down with Panay and the two eventually had their own chick, called Halloumi!

Pictured: Frazzle.

Pictured: Frazzle.

The Secret Life of the Zoo – Underwater Special.

Pictured: Frazzle and Panay.

Popeye loses his eye

Now this is something we never thought we’d see a vet doing surgery on a fish!

Popeye, a fiesty chalk fish, had to have his eye removed after there was an alteraction with another fish. This had cause him to develop exopthalmia, also known as ‘popeye’ disease.


Popeye’s surgery unexpectedly moved viewers, particularly when it looked like he wasn’t going to make it.

But Popeye proved himself to be a trooper and audiences were thrilled when he perked up minutes before being euthanised!

The Underwater Special – Was it good?

Zookeeper Hannah said in the episode: “Some people will walk straight past an aquarium to go see an orangutan, but we’ve got some of the most exciting, diverse, colourful animals in the zoo.”

And we agree!

After the Underwater Special we could see a whole other series following these hilarious creatures. We even preferred the special episode to the OG show.



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