Ruby and Miles have been the topic of Made in Chelsea, since he was accused of flirting with her by Reza. So, are they together now?

The E4 reality TV series has had countless blossoming relationships, arguments and break-ups during its time, and this season is no different.

Ruby Adler and Miles Nazaire have become “besties” while her boyfriend Reza has been away from the country house, which has led to suspicion.

Miles’ ex Maeva spilled a bomb, when she revealed Ruby and Miles are always together, which Reza didn’t know. Read on to find out more.

Screenshot: Ruby and Miles, Made in Chelsea, Series 21 Episode 6, All 4

MIC: Viewers react to Ruby and Miles

It’s no secret that Ruby and Miles have been growing closer, as seen on MIC recently, but fans think it could be more than friendship.

Despite Ruby being in a relationship with Reza, several viewers reckon there could be romance on the cards between her and Miles.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Ruby flirts with Miles despite knowing he thinks she’s hot and despite having a boyfriend.

“She might be falling for him but end it with Rez first.”

Another shared their thoughts, and said: “Are Ruby & Miles just besties… He looks at her like he wants her #MadeInChelsea.”

What happened between Ruby and Miles?

  • So far, Ruby and Miles claim to be friends

As seen on Made in Chelsea, they first met when Miles questioned whether Ruby was still with her boyfriend Reza, as she is never on his social media.

When Ruby and Reza started to have issues in their relationship, and regularly argued, she opened up to Miles, saying they slept in separate beds.

When the cast then moved into the next house – going from the Cotswolds to a country retreat in Suffolk – Ruby and Miles became “besties”.

This all happened when Reza had not yet joined the second house, which involved Ruby virtually meeting Miles’ father, and them growing closer.

Despite Miles’ romance with newbie Inga Valentiner, it looks like Reza had no idea how close him and Ruby were. She was made the fourth member of the ‘tricep trio’ – which included Fredrick Ferrier and Julius Cowdrey.

Are Ruby and Miles together now?

  • At the time of writing, Ruby and Miles are not a couple

There has been speculation that the MIC “besties” might be together, especially as Ruby and Reza have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

It looks like Ruby and Reza may have split, but this is not confirmed.

Miles has also been commenting fire emojis on Ruby’s pictures, including one which said: “Damn!!!”, with the most recent just five weeks ago.

They have both been writing quite deep captions on their photos, which could suggest their potential romance, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Miles told Grazia: “I have an amazing friendship with the tricep trio. And also I think there’s new friendships that [become] a lot closer.”

He added:

I’m not going to say who that is, but I can tease that those people get very, very close and it ends up having a very big impact. And that’s something that will carry through the series, which will be very interesting to watch. It causes a lot of drama – because when someone steps in, someone steps out.



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