Ruby Adler and Reza Amiri-Garroussi have been the main focus of recent Made in Chelsea episodes. So, are they still together?

As the 21st series gets underway, it shows how the MIC cast spent their time bubbled up in the country – leading to arguments, friendships and gossip.

Ruby and Reza are the current focus, as they face issues in their relationship. He also claimed she has cheated on him in the past.

We looked into the latest updates on whether the MIC couple are still together, and if they worked through their argument.

Ruby and Reza, Made in Chelsea, Series 20 Episode 3, All 4

Who are Ruby and Reza?

Ruby is a model agent with Storm Management, where she has worked for around six years.

She started off at the company as an intern before she worked her way up to become a booker. Now, she hires models for several brand shoots – including former MIC star Zara McDermott.

Ruby went to the London College of Fashion from 2014 to 2017, after attending Francis Holland School Regent’s Park in London.

Reza Amiri-Garroussi is a 33-year-old from London who works in tech.

He attended Epsom College like many of his fellow MIC cast members, which explains the link and how he’s ended up on the show.

From August 2016 to now, Reza has been the VP of Business Development EMEA at Unruly.

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Ruby and Reza: Relationship timeline

The MIC couple have been dating on and off for ten years, ever since Ruby was 16 years old.

Judging by how Reza spoke about Ruby during the previous season (Monday October 12th), they have been living together!

Reza had not showed off much of his girlfriend Reza on Made in Chelsea until season 20. However, they admitted lockdown has led to arguments.

On the current series, Ruby said that Reza could work on posting photos of her on Instagram more often. We checked – and the last time was in 2015.

Co-star Miles Nazaire was accused of flirting with her, after asking if they were together due to her not appearing much on Reza’s profile.

In the March 12 episode, Reza reveals that Ruby has cheated on him before.

Who did Ruby cheat on Reza with?

  • It is not known who Ruby cheated on Reza with

Following research, there are no reports or evidence of who Ruby may have cheated on Reza with.

It doesn’t look like Reza will reveal their name, despite announcing to his friends that she has “cheated on him” in the past.

Judging by the way he announced the cheating claim, it is likely to have happened quite some time ago.

Recently, co-star Julius Cowdrey accused Reza of cheating on Ruby, after they saw messages he had sent to Verity asking when she would break up with her former boyfriend Tristan.

Where are Ruby and Reza now?

  • It looks like Ruby and Reza may have split, but this is not confirmed

Ruby and Reza are no longer following each other on Instagram.

After filming the series, it looks like they may have potentially split or decided to unfollow each other as a result of their argument.

A recent MIC episode (May 17) saw Ruby say to Miles that she wants more, with him responding that she needs someone to “whisk her off her feet”.

Several fans have guessed that Ruby and Reza are no longer together, especially as he is following two people called Ruby – neither being her.

Miles has also been commenting fire emojis on Ruby’s pictures…



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