Since last nights episode of Made In Chelsea, Maeva and James have been the couple EVERYONE is talking about.

***WARNING: Potential Made In Chelsea spoilers ahead***

The Chelsea crew are back with a bang for their 23rd season. The hit E4 show never disappoints, and this season is no different. Viewers can expect it all, from drama to breakups, and even an engagement.

Rumour has it, Maeva finally popped the special question to James during the teaser for next weeks episode. This article explores the pairs engagement, their rocky relationship so far, and the sticky Miles situation…

Screenshot from Made In Chelsea’s YouTube video titled: ‘Maeva Admits She’s Still in Love with Miles & Becomes Official with James?! | NEW Made…

Are Maeva and James engaged?

The ending of last nights episode was too much for viewers, leaving us wondering how Maeva’s and James’ engagement really went down. During the clip, we saw Maeva get down on one knee and ask James to marry her.

Bar a little grin, James didn’t reveal his answer to the special question, and viewers will have to wait until next weeks episode to find out if Maeva finally got that ring on her finger.

Although we don’t know his answer, we know that they are still together, as they shared their recent trip to Rome on their Instagram accounts last week. Maeva’s hands seem to be hiding from the camera, which could be because of the ring, or this could be a coincidence.

Maeva and James’ journey so far

Maeva and James’ story began in summer 2019. The pair got together after her relationship ended with fellow co-star Miles Nazaire.

The E4 stars have a dog together called Clyde. Clyde is an Australian shepherd, who you can follow on Instagram if you want to keep up with their furry friend!

Three years on, and a lot of hurdles later, Maeva has been hinting that she wants to get married. She has been telling the cast that she is going to take matters into her own hands, and it seems she finally did it.

Will Miles get there first?

When Maeva and James got together, many Made In Chelsea fans were shocked. Not because Maeva had kissed someone else, but because James was Miles’ best friend.

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll remember that Miles wasn’t the best pleased when he found out about the pair – as it led to a few tears and a smashed glass. Since then, Miles has always been on the scene, and Maeva even admitted she was still in love with him just before she became official with James.

Just as viewers thought their romance was done for good, the teaser for next weeks episode threw that idea out the window. When Maeva told Miles she was going to propose to James, he started to cry, and told her “I always thought I’d be the guy to marry you I don’t know why”, and then asked her to give things another go – with an extra touch, in French!

Some viewers are here for the pair giving it one last shot…



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