Has Sarah Beeny's Somerset house been finished? New Life in the Country host's home project explored!

Channel 4’s home renovation series New Life in the Country sees Sarah Beeny and her family take on a new project in Somerset.

Moving from the city to the countryside, Sarah, her husband, and their 4 sons are set to move into an ambitious home, as seen in the series.

The show goes behind the scenes of Sarah and her family taking on the Somerset house, where we see them applying for planning permission.

So has Sarah Beeny’s country home been finished? Let’s explore the project!

Ep2. Rafferty Swift, Graham Swift, Laurie Swift, Sarah Beeny, Charlie Swift and Billy Swift try grilling some homemade halloumi on their family farm in Somerset. Picture: Channel 4

Sarah Beeny’s Somerset home renovation

Sarah and her family moved to Somerset, where they bought a semi-derelict former dairy farm surrounded by 220 acres of farmland.

They are seen planning to build the house of their dreams, which involves a modern, carbon-neutral mini stately home.

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Sarah and her husband Graham also have ambitious plans to landscape the grounds as well as rewild sections of the farm.

The series sees them begin landscaping work on the farm before they receive the go-ahead from the result of a planning application.

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Has Sarah’s Somerset home been finished?

  • No

Looking at Instagram, it seems like Sarah’s country home renovation is still very much in the works – but sneak peeks show that it’s well underway!

Sarah has shared several updates of the project, including a post 5 days ago (November 14th) which saw her posing with firm Higher Level Scaffolding.

In other updates, a watertight roof has been fitted, and 2 weeks ago, we saw a post which appears that the first stages of the exterior have been built.

One person commented on Sarah’s post: “Can now see your house from our fields, looks impressive.”

Where did Sarah and her family used to live?

  • Streatham, London

Sarah reportedly lived in a £3.5 million home in London with her family, before packing up from the city to head to the countryside.

Before they had children, Sarah and Graham owned Rise Hall in Yorkshire, where they lived for a while. It is a 31-bedroomed property which is now known for being a wedding venue, which they sold for £1.4 million in 2019.

Growing up, Sarah lived in two converted brick cottages in a nine-acre plot on the edge of the Duke of Wellington’s estate Stratfield Saye.



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