Rudy Reyes has officially become SAS Who Dares Wins‘ new chief instructor. He revealed how being a father meant he had compassion for this year’s recruits, as it is “in his nature” to care for people after growing up as an orphan.

The American-born 50-year-old has replaced Ant Middleton, joining the 2022 staff for the brutal Channel 4 show. Alongside Billy Billingham, Jason Fox and other newbie Remi Adeleke, the Special Forces operator is ready for action.

Rudy, who also has a background in martial arts, left the military in 2005. He has since worked in both film and TV, which brings him to our screens. He opened up to Reality Titbit about his orphan childhood and being a father.

SAS: Who Dares Wins 2022. Picture: Channel 4

Who is Rudy Reyes?

Rudy, 50, is the new chief instructor on SAS: Who Dares Wins. The Special Forces operator joined the United States Marine Corps and was selected for Marine Recon training with an elite fighting force of only 300 troops.

He was a team leader for over 50 patrols behind enemy lines, and was team leader of the year when he led operations in Fallujah and Ramadhi, Iraq. His unit was also depicted in HBO mini-series Generation Kill, where he played himself.

Since leaving the military in 2005, Rudy has worked in both film and TV. Fans may recognise him as one of the interviewees in the 2020 documentary series Once Upon a Time in Iraq. He said:

To be part of SAS: Who Dares Wins – the hardest selection course on television – is one the greatest privileges of my life. And to be named Chief Instructor is a huge honour.

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Rudy was an orphan growing up

Rudy’s parents divorced when he was a young child, which meant him and his brothers were passed onto foster parents. By doing this, the SAS instructor took on the important role of caring for his younger siblings.

He revealed to Reality Titbit at the Who Dares Wins premiere:

It’s in my nature to care for people. It’s the reason I went into the fighting forces in the first place. As I’m an orphan myself, seeing children on their own in 1998 is why I joined the marine core. Growing up, I read all the SAS books.

Rudy, now a father, also shared some insight into close friendship with his co-stars. He jokily revealed how he bonded with Jason “Foxy” Fox over sharing a pre work-out shake, while Billy is “who he wants to be when he grows up.”

He also spoke of how it was a steep learning curve for him to participate on the show. He modestly said that he had no idea Channel 4 were interested in recruiting him as chief instructor, but admitted he was a huge fan of Billy and Foxy.

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The SAS instructor’s family life

Rudy is in a relationship with model, actress and athlete Jade Struck. She is best known for playing Call of Duty character Iskra, the Chimera operator of the Allegiance faction featured in Modern Warfare.

Her character Iskra was released on May 13th 2020 during the Season Three of Modern Warfare. Born and raised in Southern California, Jade is a competition shooter and firearms instructor who learned how to shoot aged eight.

The Channel 4 star is also a father to son Dylan. He told a press team including Reality Titbit that being a father and older brother meant he naturally cared for the recruits. Rudy said:

Naturally, because I’m a father and have always been a leader for quite some time, I couldn’t help but have compassion for these people. I later learned to just crush them in the beginning so that later, we could concentrate on those that really needed us.

He now has three new ‘brothers’ in his life – Billy, Foxy and Remi – who he describes as “heroes on and off screen”. Rudy said that working alongside them made his new role as chief instructor even more rewarding.



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