Celebrity SAS star Heather Fisher opens up about her teenage struggle with anorexia

Celebrity SAS star Heather Fisher opens up about her teenage struggle with anorexia

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins has seen some emotional and tough to watch interrogation scenes so far.

With the celebs opening up about their darkest moments to Ant Middleton and Foxy, viewers really do get to peer behind the curtain in a way they never have before.

And Heather Fisher’s backstory is harder than most to discuss, as she has battled anorexia and then alopecia.

So when did the rugby star struggle with the eating disorder and how did she overcome it? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Heather’s road to recovery.

Heather Fisher, 2018.

When was she ill?

When Heather was a twelve her parents went through a messy divorce which shook her family life and resulted in Heather not seeing her father or siblings for five years.

This is when her struggle with anorexia began.

From the ages of thirteen to sixteen, Heather underwent numerous treatments for the eating disorder including counselling, psychotherapy and seeing nutritionists.

How ill was Heather?

However, things went from bad to worse despite all of the treatment.

For nearly a year Heather was forced to live in a hospital.

Her eating disorder had become so severe that she was forced to be fed through a drip. Although this sounds terrifying, it is quite common practice in eating disorder recovery units.

Heather’s recovery

Heather claims a conversation with her nutritionist at the hospital snapped her out of the anorexic mentality.

She told Sky his words which never left her:

Well Heather, if you don’t eat, you’ll never become an athlete.

Luckily, Heather’s dream of being a professional athlete was great enough to outweigh the anorexic voice in her head and she pulled through.

Is Heather well now?

She has never denied that things are still difficult, as those suffering from eating disorders tend to relapse and suffer for years, even life.

Speaking to the Daily MailHeather admitted that “I still struggle with my food but I’m very much on it and I know what makes me tick and what doesn’t.”

Heather Fisher.




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