SAS: Who Dares Wins winner: Who is recruit 6 Mark? What happened to his wife?

SAS: Who Dares Wins winner: Who is recruit 6 Mark? What happened to his wife?

SAS: Who Dares Wins star Mark walked away from the 2019 series victorious.

A solid favourite from the off, Mark withstood some daggering questions about his personal life during an intense interrogation in the final episode, walking away as one of three winners.

The bearded Ant Middleton lookalike bullied his way through challenges up until the final, brushing off physical tasks with ease.

However, an intense mental interrogation soon revealed a heartbreaking story regarding his wife. Let’s get to know Mark a little better, the beast they call recruit 6!

Log Carry; Milo, Mark and Hannah

Who is SAS Recruit 6?

Recruit number 6 is called Mark Peart.

He is a former RAF firefighter and worked with the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue team.

Mark is big on adventure, travel and running, with an Instagram account full of pictures of him conquering various feats across the world.

Before entering the show, Mark told Channel 4:

I signed up because I wanted to challenge myself. It was also a distraction and a way to project negative energy into something positive that was going to help me move forward and grow as a person.

Why is Mark the Favourite?

Mark is an early favourite due to the ease in which completed all of the physical challenges.

While other recruits were hopelessly gasping for air because of the altitude in Chile’s Andes mountains, Mark looked as comfortable as the military veteran hosts.

He clearly has a lot of physical qualities too, with a few of the topless scenes almost causing viewers’ eyes to pop out.

See what we mean…

Screen Shot: SAS Who Dares Wins Mark

Mark has also clearly undergone some previous military-style training. In fact, he may have served in the military.

On Instagram, there are countless pictures of him in camo gear with hashtags such as #veteran, #royalairforce and #military.

What Else are People Saying?

People also think that Mark may have an unfair advantage because he is chief instructor Ant Middleton’s identical twin.

While this definitely isn’t the case, you can’t help but feel some viewers on Twitter had a point.

They look pretty similar!

Screen Shot: SAS Who Dares Wins Ant Middleton

Screen Shot: SAS Who Dares Wins Ant Middleton

Screen Shot: SAS Who Dares Wins Mark

And, it’s not just the audience who feel the same way.

In Sunday’s episode 4, Ant brings Mark into the interrogation room and says:

Has anyone told you, you look like me, but less good looking and less sculptured?

What Happened to Mark’s Wife?

During SAS: Who Dares Wins episode 4, Mark was pressed by Ant Middleton about why he was on the show.

Mark explained that he lost his wife six months ago, as she committed suicide.

Mark said:

She was perfect in every way, honestly. She was beautiful, funny, honestly, it was like a fairytale. But she just had these things that ate away at her – her own self-esteem, anxieties.

Screen Shot: SAS: Who Dares Wins 2019

I’m still completely lost with it and don’t fully understand. I don’t think it ever will.



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