Fans are eagerly awaiting the start of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins!

The Channel 4 Stand Up to Cancer special starts on Sunday, April 7th and everyone is ready to see the twelve brave celebs take on the challenge.

Sam Thompson, the cheeky but loveable Made in Chelsea star, is one of the celebrity recruits.

We caught up with Sam to see how he found the whole experience – the good, the bad, and the painful!

Sam Thompson.

How Sam coped on Celebrity SAS

Sam said the most difficult thing he found about the experience was the feeling of letting the team down.

He said “that’s what breaks me the most because I love a team dynamic, I love being involved in the gang. And then when you feel like you’ve let your gang down, in your head you’re like ‘great, they don’t want me in the team'”.

In a show like this, it’s all about how you handle stuff.

Sam’s method of coping was through being the joker of the SAS team – which didn’t make him popular with the DS!

What he thought of Foxy and the DS

People have been speculating on whether James Fox and the other DS will be as tough on the celebrities as they are on the usual show.

This is what Sam had to say in response to that!

“I think they went harder [on us]… I think they were like, ‘we need to show everyone that to us, we don’t give a damn who these guys are’.”

Check out how they tough they are on the celebs below…

On what he had to prove on the show

When asked about how he felt going into Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, Sam was bashful about his career as a reality TV personality, when compared to the other celebs.

“First of all, I don’t really know how I got on that show to be fair because you’re with proper talented celebrities. It was slightly disconcerting because well, ‘Olympic Gold medallist, international footballer, rugby player’…

For me I did think, I’m just that little reality TV dude. So that was kind of hard.”

But Sam said he got over this quickly and they all became the best of mates!

Ant and the celebrity recruits.

On who was the strongest in the team

When discussing the other SAS recruits, Sam said: “I knew AJ was going to be good because as soon as I saw her she was strong”

However, it was Love Island’s Camilla Thurlow who took Sam most by surprise.

Despite her 5’1″ stature, Camilla proved herself just as tough as the biggest rugby players on the team!

Where Sam is heading next…

“I like entertaining, I like the entertainment industry so who knows where it will take me.

Presenting it my dream amongst dreams, I love it so much. So that’s where I’m trying to go, but I won’t shut the door on anything. If I want to do it, I’ll do it.”

Hopefully that means we’ll be seeing Sam back on our screens very soon, if he sets his mind to it.


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