By far the toughest show on the telly, SAS: Who Dares Wins combines the reality TV format with the intense military training SAS recruits have to undergo. And now it’s back for its fifth – and toughest – series, which returns to Channel 4 on Sunday, January 5th.

Two of the new recruits, Elouise and Bethany, are competing CrossFit athletes and the first sisters to ever appear on SAS: Who Dares Wins.

But as this dream duo already work fabulously together, we’re sure they’ll ace the challenge.

Here’s everything you need to know about Elouise and Bethany, the sisters competing on SAS: Who Dares Wins 2020.


Meet Bethany

Bethany “Beth” Robinson – or “recruit 2” as she’s known on the show – is a 27 year-old art teacher from Cornwall.

She grew up on a farm with her younger sister Elouise and although Bethany and Elouise had a happy childhood, that did not stop Bethany struggling with her mental health as a teenager.

During her teens, Bethany experienced extreme depression – she was later diagnosed as bipolar – which subsequently caused issues with her weight. Bethany has candidly spoken on her Instagram profile (@sportybethcf) about her struggles with her weight and depression.

After reaching a peak weight of 18 stone, Bethany decided to turn her life around and became involved with CrossFit. In 2017, Bethany lost an astonishing 6 stone in one year and has retained her toned and muscular physique ever since.

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What did Bethany say about SAS: Who Dares Wins?

When speaking to Channel 4 about why she wanted to sign up to the show, Bethany’s physical and mental journey over the past few years was a major factor.

Bethany said:


I wanted to prove to my family and myself that after my mental health struggles with bipolar disorder, I’m ok now and I can not only cope with the stresses in competing in a sport and everyday life, but I can take on one of the most stressful and challenging courses and come out the other side just as mentally strong as before.

She continued to explain that following her physical transformation, she “wanted to take on one of the toughest physical challenges to see what [her] body can do now.”

But that wasn’t the only personal reason that Bethany and Elouise wanted to sign up, as their great grandfather also worked alongside the founder of the SAS – an impressive family connection!

Who is Bethany’s sister, Elouise?

Bethany’s 26 year old sister, Elouise “Ellie” Gregor is also a competitive weightlifter and CrossFit athlete. This is when she’s not in her everyday job as a solicitor!

Elouise initially helped Bethany get into CrossFit and helped her sister turn her life around with a fitness and nutrition plan. However, it was Beth who inspired Elouise to sign up to the show.

Speaking to Channel 4, Elouise said: “My sister initially applied for the course and I have always watched it on TV and wanted to have a go myself. I love a challenge and I think that I can achieve anything I put my mind to.”

Check out Elouise on Instagram @elliegregor where she already has over 10,200 followers!




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