TWITTER in meltdown as fan favourite quits SAS: Who Dares Wins

SAS: Who Dares Wins fan favourite Amuz, aka number 25, was forced to quit the show during the latest episode.

The numbers on Channel 4’s intense military TV series have been whittling down with chief of command Ant Middleton putting the recruits through gruelling mental and physical challenges each week.

Last night’s (Sunday, January 28, 2018) episode was no different and the importance of trust was put th the test through varying interrogation methods.

First, contestants were tasked with diving 10 metres into a freezing cold reservoir – backwards. Oh and if that wasn’t enough, they were also blindfolded.

Next, the episode moved into one of its harshest rounds of elimination yet, as recruits were interrogated using techniques like ‘harshing’. This involved forcing the contestants to sit or stand in the stress position with their arms behind their heads and covered in blindfolds. They also attempted to crack the recruits willpower with immense sound strain sessions using random bursts of white noise.

At this stage and Twitter took to console recruit number 14, John, who was taking the brunt of the pressure.

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Finally, the recruits were brought into another room for questioning, and it was here where things took a sudden turn.

Recruit number nine, Darell, let the unforgiving conditions get to him and shattered under the pressure.

One interrogator repeatedly quizzed Darrell on who the group worked for and he reluctantly revealed that the group were part of the military. Obviously, this completely blew the groups cover.

The audience on Twitter were left shocked at just how easily number nine had thrown his team-mates under the bus, giving up on so-called friend number 14, John.

Following the disastrous scenes, number 14 walked away through the camp declaring:

“I’m not a fu**ing grass, I don’t want them to think I’m a f**ing grass.

“I ain’t fu**ing intelligent enough for this s**t.”

BUT, just when you thought the drama was over and in a final twist of events,  the chief commanders announced that a recruit had handed in their armband.

Despite looking resolute throughout the interrogation task, it was fan favourite number 25 Amuz.

Amuz, a 31-year-old copywriter and cancer survivor, left the show after breaking down in tears on the phone to his partner.

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