SAS: Who Dares Wins is back on Channel 4 for its fifth and toughest series to date.

This time around Ant Middleton and his team of ex-special forces soldiers are putting twenty-five new male and female recruits through their paces in the harsh Scottish Highlands.

Although the recruits feel comfortable using the SAS lingo, throwing around terms such as DS and bergen like they’ve been using them for years, it can often leave viewers a little confused.

So, what does DS actually mean in the SAS?

Billy, Ant, Foxy and Ollie.

What does DS stand for in SAS: Who Dares Wins?

DS – the term the recruits use for their leaders – stands for Directing Staff.

This is a common term used in the actual SAS which refers to fully-badged members of the regiment. They oversee the SAS recruits’ training.

In an overview on the selection and recruitment process, as described by Elite Forces UK, there is one difference between the DS in real life and the DS on the show. The SAS Directing Staff are reported to “leave each candidate to their own devices” and not offer neither encouragement nor criticism.

This is a marked contrast to the DS we see on the show, who aren’t afraid to shake down the twenty-five new recruits… we’ve all seen the interrogations that go on during the filming!

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Meet the DS on the 2020 series

The whole team is returning for this new series of SAS: Who Dares Wins.


This includes the main man, Ant Middleton. The show has made Ant a household name and the former soldier has gone on to publish many successful books about his experience in the SAS and dealing with PTSD.

Joining Ant is Jason “Foxy” Fox, Mark “Billy” Billingham and Matthew “Ollie” Ollerton.

The latest staff member to join the series is Jay Morton, who is playing the role of the mole. Little do the other twenty-four recruits know that Jay is actually a fully-fledged SAS soldier!

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