What is the sickener? Everything you need to know about SAS: Who Dares Wins final stage

Each final of the SAS: Who Dares Wins series usually comes to a close with what is known as ‘The Sickener’.

And the first-ever celebrity series of the show is no different – however, this time it’ll be a winter edition.

Eight from the original 12 celebrities make it to the final episode 5 in Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins for SU2C, which airs Sunday, May 5th 2019.

Here’s everything we know about the insane physical test dubbed ‘The Sickener’.

What is the Sickener?

Chief instructor Ant Middleton and his military crew can’t broadcast a real-life SAS military selection programme.

However, The Sickener is a unique version of the final SAS selection test. The series of mental and physical tasks are designed to break any individuals willpower to carry on.

Speaking of The Sickener, Ant said:

From my time of experience, each course is about 180 strong, of which 6 or 7 people finish.

The Sickener is completely and utterly relentless, with no boundaries of time or intensity. It features three main stages however how long each task lasts goes down to the orders of the chief instructor.

The Sickener, it’s just a physical test that is there to be relentless. It’s in the title, It makes you feel physically sick.

The Sickener has undergone some changes for the celebrity SU2C series, however, it is still set to be just as gruelling.

DS Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox said on Twitter that the team have switched up the final stages of the competition and that “it’s not over when you think it’s over”.

Screen Shot: Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins SU2C – Channel 4

Stage one of the SAS Sickener

The Sickener usually starts with contestants on their hands and knees, tasked with crawling across a riverbank in repetitive circuits.

This time around the celebrity contestants are in the Andes mountains of central Chile so there’ll be no mud-caped ground but we’d guess that the contestants will still be put through a similar exercise.

Let’s face it, carrying out stage one on snow sounds even worse.

The drill does not stop until one recruit quits.

The Sickener: Death circuit

Stage two of the course is another circuit, this time with an emphasis on endurance.

“You will go through a stage where you question whether you are going to survive.”

In previous series the recruits had to run across the jagged slopes of a disused quarry, with harsh physical instructions shouted at them every few minutes.

This included chucking boulders over their shoulders, crawling backwards up steep slopes, carrying sandbags over long distances and completing press-ups and burpees.

The drill does not stop until two recruits quit, testing the ultimate commitment to stay in the game.

In the celebrity version of Who Dares Wins it’s likely that they’ll have to complete a winter version of the death circuit.

Screen Shot: Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins SU2C – Channel 4

The SAS Sickener ‘Hang Test’

Previous series have shown that one of the main elements of the SAS Sickener is the Hang Test.

Contestants hang face-to-face, dangling from a rope that is outstretched between two cliff edges, with a staggeringly steep drop below. For anyone scared of heights, it’s a definite no-no.

The celebs may have to complete the Hang Test in the extreme sub-zero temperatures of the Andes, however, it’s more likely that they’ll be submerging themselves into freezing waters as they enter the final episode.

Winter Sickener Screen Shot: Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins SU2C – Channel 4

Screen Shot: Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins SU2C – Channel 4

Winter Sickener – Screen Shot: Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins SU2C – Channel 4



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