Following the final episode of Seven Year Switch, a bitter social media feud has broken out between former couple Michelle and George.

The pair entered the show as a married couple, hoping their two-week ‘swap-therapy’ would fix a faltering relationship.

However, the time apart on separate remote island’s in Thailand only highlighted their differences, as they decided to get a divorce in the final episode.

Now, a bitter argument between the pair has surfaced on Twitter, as they finally broke their silence on what really happened on Seven Year Switch.

Team Michelle Forms

Following the penultimate episode of Seven Year Switch, Michelle Bingley has formed an enormous army of support on social media.

She Tweeted out an empowering message to her followers, acting as a beacon of hope for women who are stuck in an unhappy relationship.

Michelle’s tweets read: If something is bringing you down or making you miserable we ALL have the strength to say goodbye to those things, no matter how hard we think it may be.”

Sometimes loving someone just isn’t enough, sometimes you actually need them to act on the words that come out of their mouth.”

George Hits Back

The Channel 4 series finished its filming in 2017, resulting in a huge explosion now Michelle and George can finally have their say.

George couldn’t hold his tongue as he watched the ‘girl squad’ growing on Twitter.

Social media was not only hollering their support to Michelle but abusing George at the same time.

G-man attempted to rectify what was shown in the last episode of Seven Year Switch.

Screen Shot: MICHELLE - Seven Year Switch, C4
Screen Shot: MICHELLE – Seven Year Switch, C4
Screen Shot: MICHELLE - Seven Year Switch, C4
Screen Shot: MICHELLE – Seven Year Switch, C4
Screen Shot: MICHELLE - Seven Year Switch, C4
Screen Shot: MICHELLE – Seven Year Switch, C4

The production made out that George had a “suspected blood clot” and was unwell for “a week”.

However, George took to Twitter to voice a different story.

George added that his relationship with Michelle was as “real as the show” (Seven Year Switch) before taking a direct dig at Michelle.

Things Get Personal

Michelle tweeted how she “couldn’t have had the time off work” to look after her husband while he was ill because she was running her own business.

However, George jumped into the conversation claiming that Michelle’s business was run by his mum.

Final Words

For now, both Michelle and George have said their pieces.

George finished the social media fight saying:

I’ve kept quiet because no matter what I say it will come across as sour grapes, every show needs a “villain” and “victim” in this case I’m happy to play the part of the 1st lol but newspapers across the country will run my side of the story so keep your eyes peeled for the truth.”

While Michelle hit back later that evening in a cryptic tweet, although quite clearly aimed at George, claiming that he was a liar.

WATCH the entire series of Seven Year Switch on the Channel 4 player.

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