Channel 4 Shipmates: Meet the cast on Instagram - Ed, Ashley and Georgia!

After over a year in the pipeline, Shipmates is finally here!

Think Love Island but on a luxury yacht, Geordie Shore but 10x more raucous and you’ve got Shipmates.

The brand new show sees two teams of friends competing in a popularity contest on Anchored Cruise, a luxury cruise ship for 1,500 party-goers.

So who is taking on all this in the new Channel 4 series?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Shipmates cast…

Pictured: (L-R) Jay, Jordan, Georgia, Ed, Lauren, Maddi, Charlotte, Lewis, Ashley, Sean

Group One

This team of five friends from Milton Keynes are out to win big on Shipmates.

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Here’s everything you need to know about them! The only member of the team who did not have an online presence is Charlotte, so she is absent from the lineup.

Sean Barker

First up is Sean.

A 24-year-old, handsome, partyboy who seems like he’s constantly on vacation… he sounds like the perfect candidate!

Follow Sean’s antics on Instagram @sean_barkerr or on Snapchat: Seannnbarker.

Maddi Faircloth

When she’s not travelling the world with her boyfriend Jack, you can find Maddi making her bespoke headbands and crowns.

You can check out her designs here.

Check out her Insta @maddifaircloth to see all the best of her travel pics, style inspo and cute couple pics!

Lewis and Ashley Strafford

Although they don’t look much alike, these two are actually brothers. They share the same mother, but different fathers.

And they’re also best friends… we love them already!

Lewis is the managing director of cap brand The Yotti Collection, where Ashley models the designs.

You can follow them both on Instagram @straff_ and @ashley_strafford.

Group Two

This group is from London and so already know their way around the party scene well.

But how will that translate when they’re aboard the Shipmates yacht?

Let’s get to know them a bit better and find out…


Ed already has a following on Instagram of over 12.2k! We’re sure this is only going to increase after he is on the show.

You can follow the 6ft 4 fitness hunk and model on Insta @edward.invictus.

Lauren Pannett

Lauren Jade Pannett is a 23-year-old from East Sussex.

Although she has a massive Insta following of over 20,000, Lauren’s account is private!

If you want to follow her you can @laurenjjjjx.

Georgia Biggs

Georgia still seems to be living the party lifestyle in her hometown of London.

She regularly posts snaps to her Insta @biggsg_ of her visiting all of the capital’s hotspots.

Janek Zysemil

Janek (or Jay) is of British, Irish and Hungarian descent and divides his time living between London and Kent.

He spends most of his time modelling and is signed to Body London Models. But he also is a trained farrier – a specialist who deals with horses’ hoof care – and is a self-professed animal lover.

Jay also has two daughters, but it is unknown who the mother is.

You can follow Jay on Insta @itsjanek_.

Jordan Wiggan

From his Instagram bio he lists the various works he is involved with. He is both a vehicle leasing broker and an mechanical and engineering recruitment specialist for Prestige Resource Management

Jordan has also worked as a sales director for the likes of Mercedes-Benz as you can see from his Linkedin.

His Instagram account is private, but you can find it here.




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