The final five Shipwrecked contestants, Beth, Jaden, Stacey, Brad and Leah pretty much don’t know whether they’re coming or going after having to island hop three times.

Both the Tigers and Sharks are doing everything they can to win over the new arrivals with the Shipwrecked final quite literally on the horizon.

Shipwrecked 2019’s Leah Holly described herself as a geek on her arrival to the island but her Instagram says different! Here are seven smoking hot photos from Leah’s Insta…
Screen Shot: Shipwrecked 2019 Leah – e4

Leah’s Inner Ariana

Who doesn’t like to take to Instagram to express their appreciation for Ariana Grande lyrics?

Stoke on Trent gal Leah, certainly does, with a saucy pyjama pic captioned “Thank u next”.

Leah Strives for Perfection

Leah described herself in her Shipwrecked introduction as fun, geeky and bubbly.

With her caption shouting out to Kanvas Cosmetics – a botox, filler and aesthetics company – Leah oozes confidence in a white raunchy crop top.

Leah in Lingerie

From the looks of Leah’s Instagram, she’s up for a bit of lingerie modelling.

Leah stated that she’s single on Shipwrecked and doesn’t take life too seriously.

Wait for those DM’s to start rolling in, Leah!

Leah’s Modelling

When Leah had to describe the geekiest thing about herself she said that she loves Harry Potter.

She said: “I think I watch Harry Potter every single weekend.”

That side of her doesn’t show so much on Insta, though, as she’s certainly not shy of the camera.

Leah has 17,000 followers on Instagram (@leahhollyy)

Beach Babe Leah

The blonde bombshell arrived on Shipwrecked wearing a neon green Versace swimsuit.

But she shows that she can rock a Boohoo bikini too!

Kardashian Feels

Leah is giving some Kardashian vibes in this low-cut ruched dress.

She captioned the image “Sometimes you need to let your hair down and dance the night away…” and we bet she did. Leah has ‘YOLO’ tattooed on her wrist – she believes in living for the moment that much!

Acting Casual

Leah clearly loves a good underwear shoot.

Whether she’s repping a casual tee or showing off her YOLO tattoo, Leah’s doing it in style.


When is the Shipwrecked 2019 final on? Is it tonight?

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