Shipwrecked is back on TV after seven years.

The show last aired all the way back in 2012, but Battle of the Islands kicked offMonday, January 28th 2019.

The final airs Friday, February 15th and the two tribes have had some ups and downs along their journey.

So, who’s who on the Shipwrecked 2019 teams?

(L – R) Tom, Big T, Kush, Liv, Chris, Khalia, Emma, Hollie and Harry

Tiger Tribe

The Tigers had a shock in episode 10 when a vital member of their team, Harry Goodwins, lost a challenge to the Sharks’s Tom Wotton and got eliminated.

Now, the following ten tribe members remain…

Photo of Liv Lelaini from Shipwrecked 2019
Shipwrecked 2019 - Hollie
Shipwrecked 2019 – Hollie Hobin

Shark Tribe

Repping seven teammates is the Shark Tribe. The Sharks have more original cast members than the Tigers but will they go on to win the competition?

Khalia Shipwrecked
Kalia Lai Shipwrecked
Shipwrecked 2019 Kush
Shipwrecked Kush

The New Arrivals

While newbie Leah was invited onto Tiger Island, still yet to find their place on either tribe is Brad Mattinson (@bradshipwrecked), Stacey Freeman (@sf_freeman), Beth Spiby (@bethshipwrecked), and Jaden Richards (@jaden_richards_).

When is the Shipwrecked Final?

The Shipwrecked 2019 final has been confirmed for Friday, February 15th.

As always, it will air on E4, at 9 pm.

Whichever tribe wins will split the prize money of £50,000 between them.

Screen Shot: Shipwrecked 2019 review
Screen Shot: Shipwrecked 2019 review


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