Why does Sophie on Celebs Go Dating have her own room in the mansion? Reasons explained!

Why does Sophie on Celebs Go Dating have her own room in the mansion? Reasons explained!

Sophie Hermann joined the Celebs Go Dating agency for its 2021 series… So, why does she have her own room in the mansion?

The Made in Chelsea star is amongst a line-up of celebrities who have all been living together, while they try to find a potential life partner.

This year, E4’s Celebs Go Dating mixed things up so that filming could go ahead during a pandemic – meaning the contestants are in a social bubble.

So what is the reason behind Sophie getting her own room? Find out below!

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Viewers react to Sophie’s own room

Fans started noticing that Sophie wasn’t sleeping in the same room as her co-stars from (Tuesday) January 26th onwards.

While there are seven celebrities in the Celebs Go Dating mansion, only six beds are seen in the main room they stay in.

Many realised Sophie had her own room, leading them to question why.

One fan wrote: “Overall Sophie is another one that I’m backing she is a great girl with great banter and personality.

“I’m also jealous over the fact she has her own room.”

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Why does Sophie have her own room?

  • She said she has a rare condition that makes her violent while asleep

Sophie refused to sign up to Celebs Go Dating unless she got a private bedroom inside the mansion, as reported by The Sun.

Producers had to set up a bedroom with an ensuite for the MIC star, following Sophie’s reported request – given at the last minute.

An insider told The Sun:

The other celebs slept in one bedroom, Big Brother-style, but Sophie had her own luxury room upstairs with a bath and everything.

They added: “Her excuse was if there’s any noise or disturbance, like someone snoring, she can get aggressive.”

Is Sophie Hermann a duchess?

  • No

Viewers have started to question if Sophie is really a duchess.

However, this would mean she is the wife or widow of a duke, and she has never married before.

Sophie and co-star Tom Zanetti have been calling each other nicknames, including Duchess and Thomas O’Malley from The Aristocats.

Sophie jokingly told The Sun:

Thank God I had my upstairs Duchess wing – that was obviously my recluse moment because I need my sleep. That made things a lot easier for me because without that I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it.”



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