Married at First Sight UK fans have erupted after finding out that Jordon Mundell allegedly dumped his ex days before getting married.

Reports state that Jordon, who was matched with Alexis Conomou, has now split from the MAFS star and is now back with his ex-girlfriend of 11 years.

It has been the talk amid E4 viewers after Alexis and Jordon’s honeymoon involved awkwardness and arguing, before confirming they are friends.

Fans wondering exactly who Jordon’s ex is may want to continue reading, as Reality Titbit done some digging to find out who the alleged lady is.

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Married at First Sight Season 6 | Jordon

Who is Jordon’s alleged ex-girlfriend?

Jordon’s alleged girlfriend is Sophie Collacott.

She is a 26-year-old nurse from Wales, who he was reportedly in a relationship with for 11 years.

Sophie was a student at University of South Wales from 2016 to 2019.

A Twitter user claiming to be Sophie’s friend wrote:

Imagine having a stunning Mrs of 11 years and disappearing to film a tv show to get 15 mins of fame. Running back until it’s about to air saying mental health was the reason you disappeared.

She added: “Can’t believe people are saying pictures are photoshopped / it’s not true as if we have the time of day to make this up.

“Wish it wasn’t true because what he’s done is shocking and both my friend and Alexis deserve so much more.”

However, Jordon wrote a post on Instagram claiming the pictures on social media are from 2019, when he was in a relationship before the show.

He wrote:

Hi everyone, there have been some claims about my relationship status that I would like to personally respond to. These claims are not true, I was very much single when I entered MAFS. I was previously in a relationship, which finished at the end of 2019 and the photographs that have been published are also from that time.

Jordon and Sophie Collacott: Timeline

As Sophie is now 26, and Jordon is 27, they would have first got into a relationship when he was 16 years old.

Photos of the pair together show that Jordon went to Sophie’s graduation, they went abroad on holiday, and appeared to share the same friends.

Jordon is thought to have been filming for MAFS without Sophie’s knowledge, while in a relationship with her.

He reportedly told his partner two days before the first episode aired, and dumped her just days before getting married to Alexis.

Now, reports state they have gotten back into a relationship together, which have been dismissed by Jordon himself.

What happened between Jordon and Alexis?

Reports state that Jordon and Alexis have split.

The MAFS stars have never seemed to hit it off since their wedding day.

Their honeymoon was a shambles, with them going on a water ride, which scared Alexis enough to start swearing at him and calling him names.

He had also admitted that he usually goes for girls with blonde hair and blue eyes, which she said made her feel like he didn’t like her.

Since touching ground in the UK, Alexis claimed Jordon doesn’t care at the dinner party, despite him saying he may have made a mistake with her.

She then was seen flirting with Ant Poole, who Nikiti got married to.



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