Following the massive success of dating shows like Love is Blind and Love Island, Channel 4 has responded with a new dating programme.

The broadcaster has launched Five Guys a Week – a show which sees a singleton inviting five guys to live with her for one week. Every contestant spends the whole week with five different men at home and eventually, she has to pick only one of them.

That might sound like a social experiment but the format is simply experimenting with people looking for a partner in a more creative way.

Episode 4 (Tuesday, March 31st) saw Susan looking for a romantic partner after being single for years. So, let’s meet the Five Guys a Week star and get to know her more!

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Ep4 Susan

Meet Susan from Five Guys a Week

Susan is a 68-year-old widow from Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire. The Five Guys a Week star recently celebrated her 68th birthday and revealed she would like to spend her next one with a man by her side.

She’s been single for the last 8 years following the death of her late husband. In fact, that’s the first time she has opened her house and heart to complete strangers in a long time.


Susan lives in a beautiful Georgian house where she invited her five guests to stay with her for a week.

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Ep4 Susan and the guys

Who is Susan meeting in Five Guys a Week?

In episode 4 of the Channel 4 show, Susan met with five guys between 60 and 67 years old.

They were rock guitarist Gavin, Greek business owner Tasos and ex-entrepreneur Adrian. The rest from the group were Cyril, a former car salesman, and Theo.

Susan on social media

Reality Titbit believes that Susan doesn’t have public social media accounts.

However, we managed to track down Theo’s Twitter profile and you can find him under the name @tourourou666.