The British Tribe Next Door production company - who commissioned the Channel 4 show?

The British Tribe Next Door was controversial before it even aired and when the show finally hit our screens, the controversy continued and amplified.

The Channel 4 series kicked off on Tuesday, October 22nd to mixed-to-negative reviews. On one side there were critics and Twitter users up in arms over the show, on the other there were some who viewed positives in the docu-series.

But a large part of the Twitter fury centred on who commissioned the show and who thought it was a good idea.

So, who is the production company behind The British Tribe Next Door? Here’s what they had to say about the show.

Scarlett Moffatt and the family moved to Namibia for The British Tribe next Door

The British Tribe Next Door: Production company

The team behind the controversial new series is Voltage TV.

Voltage TV are behind some major documentary series and informative programmes on TV such as Inside the Factory, World’s Weirdest Homes and Family Cooking Showdown.

Rhodes to the Top | Promo Trailer | TNT

They frequently work with the biggest Networks, such as Channel 5 and BBC.

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What did Voltage say about the TV series?

Voltage made no comment on their website about the series but the co-executive producer for Voltage TV Sanjay Singhal said: “We’re excited to be making such an ambitious and innovative programme.”

Similarly, Channel 4 came out with an enthusiastic statement.

Alf Lawrie, who is the Head of Factual Entertainment at Channel 4 said:

For the first time in human history, British suburbia and Himba tribal life will co-exist side-by-side. This series contrasts two worlds on a spectacular scale – but at its heart, is about the extraordinary relationships it creates.

They made no statement following the first broadcast but Voltage did retweet Scarlett Moffatt’s Tweet thanking those who had said kind words about the series.

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What did viewers say about the series?

The majority of viewers were less enthralled with the series than Voltage TV or Scarlett Moffatt.

One viewer Tweeted: “How in gods name did that get out of someone’s mouth without them being sacked, never mind commissioned and actually made?” Another added: “Whoever commissioned this needs their head testing.”

The general response from viewers was that the series was exploitative, car-crash television.

A viewer went to the extent of calling out Channel 4 for allowing it to air, saying “This is the most embarrassing, ridiculous, painful car crash TV ever. You should be f***ing ashamed of yourselves @Channel4 because this is disgusting.”

Who knows what the response will be next week when episode 2 airs, but until then it looks like viewers are very unhappy with both Voltage TV and Channel 4.




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