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The Circle 2019 winner is revealed! Was the result completely unexpected?

The second series of The Circle came to a close in 2019 with the live final airing on October 18th.

The show saw a huge variety of players, some of whom wanted to keep it real while others were eager to catfish their way to the final.

Emma Willis announced the winner during the show’s grand finale which saw Paddy, Georgina, Woody, Sammie (James) and Tim all in with a chance of winning.

So, who is The Circle 2019 winner?

Screenshot: The Circle final 2019 – Channel 4

Who is The Circle 2019 winner?

It was Paddy Smyth who managed to make a beeline for the finish line in The Circle 2019. He took home the prize money of £70,000.

The 31-year-old entered the competition pretty late but managed to steal the nation’s heart as well as the votes of his competitors.

Paddy, who comes from Dublin, was one of the most genuine players and pretty much kept it real throughout his time on the show.

The Irishman was born with cerebral palsy in his legs and today works as a disabled social media activist. At first, Paddy hid his disability from the rest of The Circle but later told the players.

He said on the show: “You’ve made me feel accepted for me, not disabled me.”

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Screenshot: The Circle 2019 winner  – Channel 4

Who was The Circle 2019 Viewers’ Champion?

Each series of The Circle sees two prizes awarded. Firstly there’s someone who wins the show outright but there’s also a prize the player the viewers loved the most.

The 2019 show saw Tim win the Viewers’ Champion vote which means that he’s bagged a £30,000 prize.

Last year, The Circle 2018 winner Alex Hobern managed to win both prizes as the show’s overall winner as well as the viewers’ favourite.

Screenshot: The Circle 2019 winner – Channel 4

Was the winner of The Circle 2019 unexpected?

In Reality Titbit’s opinion, Paddy was a completely deserving winner of The Circle.

However, it really could have been anyone’s game between Woody, Georgina or Tim.

Given that Tim was voted the viewers’ favourite, it looked as though he could also be voted the winner by his fellow players.

Paddy winning the show wasn’t a total surprise as his genuine approach to the show combined with his important message going into The Circle made him one of the best players the show has ever seen.

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Screen Shot: Paddy The Circle – Channel 4




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