TV’s most bizarre, dystopian, social media-exploring series is back for round two this year!

The Circle kicked off on Channel 4 in September last year and saw viewers everywhere gripped by its strange social experiment nature. The series follows a group of contestants, or “players”, who move into a refurbished block of flats in London. They never meet face to face and only speak via the show’s own social media interface, The Circle.

So you can be whoever you want to be, as the show’s first-ever winner Alex Hobern – or shall we say, Kate – discovered!

So what do we know about the show’s return? When does it start and what is new? Plus we check in on Alex one year after the show ended.

Screen Shot: The Circle, Channel 4

Screenshot: The Circle, Channel 4

Alex Hobern on life after The Circle

Since Alex won both the game against the other players and was also ranked as the viewer’s champion, he left the show with a crazy £75,000 prize!

The 26-year-old comedian now works fulltime as a presenter and content creator on both YouTube and Instagram. He frequently collaborates with The Circle runner-up Freddie Bentley and sometimes Sian Owen.

Alex’s YouTube channel currently has over 12,000 followers and he uploads vlogs weekly. His comedy sketches and clips are uploaded daily to his Instagram account @alexhobern where he has 107,000 followers. You can also follow Alex on Tik Tok.

Seems like pretending to be ‘Kate’ did great things for Alex’s career, so will a new contestant also catfish to win?

When does series 2 start?

Reality Titbit can reveal that The Circle 2019 will launch on Tuesday, September 24th.

Series 2 will launch with a special live episode that airs from 9.15 pm to 10:30 pm on Channel 4.


After this, The Circle will continue to air on Channel 4 at 10 pm every weeknight and Sunday.

There’s a new twist!

The show will run for longer than the first season and will feature a weekly live episode headed up by a brand new host.

In the first series, Alice Levine and Maya Jama were the hosts but this time around, Channel 4 have roped in seasoned presenter Emma Willis to do the job.

The weekly live episode will put more power in the viewers’ hands than before, allowing for more interactivity between the viewers and players.

And also they’ve upped the prize money to £100,000 this year so the stakes will be doubly high!




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