Viewers knew to expect the unexpected when it came to The Circle series 2. There were set to be more twists and turns than before but no one could anticipate what Channel 4 had hidden up their sleeve.

From surprise celebrity catfishes to at-home participation, season 2 has already proven to be miles better than the first.

And now there’s another twist which has shown that anything really is possible in this game of deceit.

Two of the players are now catfishing as one!

So, considering that Joyce – the new catfish played by Beth and Jack – has entered, what on earth could happen next?

Screenshot: The Circle S2 E12 – 4oD

Joyce the catfish

Following a double dumping, Beth Dunlavey and Jack Quirk were given the opportunity to return to the game as a new player. An opportunity they obviously seized!

Jack and Beth returned as one player they would control together, a 62-year-old woman named Joyce. Not much is known about the woman who is the face of Joyce but Beth and Jack have the power to determine her backstory.

Beth said of the twist: “I’m buzzing for this, this is going to be a challenge for us.”

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What could happen next?

If two players can now rejoin The Circle as one then it left some people speculating where the game could go.

This opens up the potential for more than one person to catfish later on or next season. Could a whole family take on the challenge of playing as one person? How many people could eventually end up in The Circle apartment block?

Similarly, some fans are predicting that the people who have been catfished – whose identities have been kept secret such as the girl Beth was catfishing – could enter of their own accord.

We would love to see the catfish get catfished!

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Do Beth and Jack stand a chance as Joyce?

Considering Beth and Jack were at the bottom, we don’t think these two have much of a chance of becoming the most popular in The Circle. At least not with popular players such as Tim, Woody and Ella still in the game.

Being half the age of Joyce definitely won’t help, particularly as Tim who is of a similar age will be able to spot some of their faults in cultural references.

And Tim was on to these two from the get-go, so we don’t think they have long left!



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