If you’re late to the party, or just don’t want to be stuck in front of the telly, you’re probably wondering how to catch up with The Circle online.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to reinvent yourself on social media just to keep up with the show! 

This is how to watch The Circle online.

Screen Shot: The Circle, Channel 4

Screen Shot: The Circle, Channel 4

The Circle Catch Up: Channel 4

That’s right, your best bet for whole episodes and clips is the Channel 4 website.

Simply head over to channel4.com.

Channel 4 uses the All4 service – home to recently aired shows and box sets of old faves.

Since this is the first series of The Circle, there’s no back catalogue to catch up on. However, each new episode should be up within an hour of airing on Channel 4.

The Circle Catch Up: Can I Get it on iTunes or Amazon?

No. Unfortunately, The Circle is not on any pay-as-you-watch formats – at the moment.

When the series has wrapped in October, this may change, so don’t forget to check back to be 100% sure.

Is The Circle on Netflix?

Not at the moment, but they do tend to put complete series on for streaming once they’ve all aired.


If the series stays as popular as it has been, expect plenty of streaming and pay-to-watch services to get in on the act soon.

In the meantime, if you have Sky or Virgin, don’t forget they have their own catch-up services for you to stream.

The Circle: Can I Catch Up on the App?

The Circle App is handy for lots of things, especially voting on who gets sent to hang out with other contestants.

There’s a handy reminder of who all the contestants are, and who they’re pretending to be in some cases.

You can also see some of the already classic moments in clip format.

Meet the Cast of Channel 4’s The Circle



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