The Circle: Who is Tim Wilson? Ex-UKIP professor who worked at this university!

After a incredibly popular and talked-about first series, The Circle is back on Channel 4 from Tuesday, September 24th. And this year, things are being taken up a notch.

The players of The Circle series 2 include surprise celebs, three catfishes in the mix and some rather eccentric characters.

We’ve done some digging into Tim and found out he has a rather unusual and fascinating past in the public eye… here’s what we found!

The Circle series 2 – Tim

Who is Tim Wilson?

Tim Wilson was born on May 12th, 1961 and attended Ratcliffe College, a boarding school in Leicestershire before attending Oxford University to study Theology. He graduated with a BA in 1984.

Tim continued to study at St Benet’s, Oxford for a MA in Theology and also at King’s College London.

The 58-year-old is now a Professor of Theology and lectures on animation as well. He most recently was teaching at the Moscow State Pedagogic University.

Tim has been with his partner, Necati Zontul for nearly 19 years. They live in Rugby with their cat, who will also be making an appearance in The Circle!

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Animation career

Tim’s first career choice was not as an academic, but as an animator.

His dreams of an animation career were formed after he saw 1972’s Oscar-winning A Christmas Carol as a child. Tim worked in a variety of animation studios in London after he finished school but it was not enough work and so he returned to lecturing.

Seven years ago, Tim created an animated lectured called How to Be Boss on “what is said about leadership by Plato, Keynes, and Mrs Thatcher, with reference to trait theory.” You can view an early version of the animation here.

Tim also continues to draw political sketches and illustrations – his work was once featured in The Guardian – which you can check out on his blog.

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Tim’s UKIP career

In 2015, Tim was selected to stand for UKIP in South Northamptonshire for the general election on May 7th.

But on March 24th of that year, Tim Wilson resigned from the UKIP party in solidarity with Humza Yousaf, a Member of Scottish Parliament. Scotland’s only UKIP MEP, David Coburn, compared Humza Yousaf with a convicted terrorist. The scandal obviously hit the press and there was unanimous outrage, apart from UKIP leader Nigel Farage who brushed it off as a joke.

Tim Wilson said in response: “If Mr Coburn wants to make bad jokes about religion, then he is welcome to quit and join Monty Python.”

From UKIP to Tory Party

In 2016, Tim stood as a Conservative candidate and became involved with the Leave campaign, creating animations for them.


Although he has admitted he actually voted Remain and told Channel 4 that his reason for joining UKIP and working in politics was to expose the party.

We’re not sure how much Tim will address his political past on The Circle but he’d definitely have some stories to tell!

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Why is Tim going on The Circle?

Tim told Channel 4 that he is fascinated by the deceit and falsity you can tap into on the internet. He calls the internet a “monumentally deceptive organ.”

He continued that “you just have to expose the fact that deceit is all around us” and is hoping to help explore that on the show.

Tim will be playing as himself.

But with the life Tim has lead, no wonder he believes everyone will think he’s a catfish!




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