The Circle: Tim's partner was a victim of torture - harrowing details exposed on YouTube
Screenshot: The Circle Tim - Channel 4

The Circle: Tim's partner was a victim of torture - harrowing details exposed on YouTube

Although the basis of Channel 4’s The Circle could seem quite trivial, the people taking part often have back stories that you’d never imagine.

The Circle 2019 contestant Georgina opened up about her battle with Crohn’s Disease while Paddy is on a mission to change the way people view disabilities.

And although Tim’s had a very interesting life, the programme has given us nothing but a picturesque idea of Tim’s relationship. But it turns out that there’s a lot more to Tim and his partner’s story.

So, what happened to Tim’s partner?

Screenshot: Tim The Circle partner – Channel 4

The Circle: Who is Tim’s partner?

The Circle’s Tim has revealed on the show that he and his partner have been together for 19 years.

He said during episode 13 that the pair met in Greece, although his partner is Turkish.

Today they live together in rugby with their two cats.

From some internet investigation, Tim’s partner is Necati Zontul – one half of film company Zontul Film Limited.

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What happened to Tim’s partner?

A video uploaded to YouTube in 2017 by charity Redress details the story of Tim’s partner.

Necati Zontul said he was forced to go to Crete in 2001. He boarded a boat from Istanbul that was bound for Italy. However the boat was intercepted by Greek coastguards and Necati was subsequently detained along with over 100 other migrants and tortured.

He described how he was “shocked” and “scared” and shared graphic details about how he was raped by the Greek officials.

Sixteen years on, Necati added that “he can’t explain the mental effects” of the torture.

What was the outcome of Necati’s case?

Both Tim and Necati fought for justice with Redress and won the case 11 years later. Redress brought the case before the European Court of Human Rights and Greece was ordered to pay 50,000 euros in compensation.

A Facebook post from Leviathan Workshop showed support for Tim during his time on The Circle and also made reference to Necati’s torture.

Tim said to Paddy during episode 13 of The Circle: “We came back to the UK just in time for civil partnerships”, so we can assume that Necati and Tim settled in the UK around 2005.

Tim hasn’t revealed much about his partner on the show, but Paddy wanted to know more about the 58-year-old’s love life.

After a few questions back and forth on the Circle chat, Tim wanted to “lighten the tone” with Paddy and changed the topic to who their ideal breakfast partners would be.

Screenshot: Tim The Circle partner – Channel 4




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