The Circle: We found Paddy on Instagram - he was on First Dates Ireland!

The Circle: We found Paddy on Instagram - he was on First Dates Ireland!

Surprise after surprise is being revealed on The Circle 2019. In the second series of the unique show, you quite simply can’t miss a minute as there’s so much going on.

The 2019 series has seen a celebrity twist, a whole lot of catfishing and a new couples voting system introduced.

Episode 10, which aired on October 4th 2019, saw Richard Madeley in shock as the catfish were revealed and a brand new Circle contestant joined the show.

Without further adieu, let’s meet The Circle’s Paddy on Instagram!

Screen Shot: Paddy The Circle – Channel 4

Who is The Circle’s Paddy?

If anything, Paddy has been straight to the point on entering the competition in episode 10. Aside from withholding the fact that he’s disabled, Paddy has laid out the facts on his bio.

Paddy was born with cerebral palsy in his legs and today he works as a disabled social media activist.

He said: “What that means is the nerve endings from my head to my legs are slightly off.”

Paddy added how rather than looking at his disability as a negative, he looks at is as a positive and dubbed himself the “disabled assassin”.

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Screen Shot: Paddy The Circle – Channel 4

We found Paddy on Instagram!

Paddy is a social media whiz with over 10,000 followers, you can follow him @paddyysmyth.

He’s been posting on his Instagram account since 2013 and often takes to social media to create awareness and break down the stigma around disability.

Paddy takes to Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to create awareness and uses the hashtag #mydisabledlife.

What do viewers think of Paddy?

Viewers of The Circle took to Twitter following Paddy’s arrival and the 31-year-old received a mixed response.

While some Twitter users wrote: “Ok so Paddy is my new favourite person”, others said: “God I hate paddy”.

The Irishman didn’t manage to get himself into the public’s good books immediately as he told fellow The Circle player Tim to “f*** off”.

And while many Twitter users jumped to Tim’s defence and called Paddy out, we’d assume that Paddy is probably unbothered by the online comments as he’s experienced being on TV before. Paddy appeared on First Dates Ireland back in 2017.

According to, Paddy stole everyone’s hearts on the dating show.

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