The Great British School Swap's Twitter debate - the most controversial and contrasting Tweets

Channel 4’s latest controversial social experiment, The Great British School Swap, dove into action on Tuesday, April 16th.

And already this show seems like it’s going to cause a stir.

Viewers were quick to jump to Twitter to share their opinions.

So what did people have to say about the first episode and the experiment? Here’s a rundown of the most controversial Tweets and debates that kicked off…

Zainab and Hannah

What happened in episode 1?

After 13-year-old Kiran and Lucas struggled to understand each other, it showed viewers how challenging this experiment could be.

Kiran, from a traditional Muslim background, and Lucas who identifies as bisexual and transgender, struggled to meet eye-to-eye.


And Twitter users were quick to point out the double-standards in prejudice that became apparent.

But at the end of the first episode, both Kiran and Lucas had apologised to each other and hopefully, they will continue with the experiment together.

Kiran’s views on homosexuality.

Lucas’s response to Kiran.

Twitter reactions: positive

Many jumped at the opportunity to highlight the show’s positives; namely that the show is breaking down these children’s preconceptions and stereotypes of other cultures.

But viewers were also keen to defend education as the way forward and not to judge these children on their learned ideas, as with Kiran and Lucas.

In fact, many of the pupils were already building bridges and forming friendships.

The Great British School Swap E1.

Twitter reactions: negative

But there were also plenty of viewers who were shocked by the show.

This was not just over Kiran and Lucas, but because of some of the parents’ views featured on the show, which made clear where these kids had got their ideas from.

And also because of the way the teachers were handling the experiment.

Hopefully, this will improve as the pupils and teachers develop more of an understanding of one another.



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