Channel 4 are bringing back some of your favourite bakers for a Christmas Day special of Bake Off with four favourites from last year returning for a second chance in the tent – and boy are we are excited!

The Mighty Boosh star Noel Fielding and QI host Sandy Toksvig are eager as ever to present a special helping of Bake Off alongside Paul Hollywood and Prue Leath returning as judges.

And with four ex-contestants ready to take on the tent for a second time, who will be crowned the champion?

Paul, Prue, Noel and Sandi.

Who are the returning budding bakers?

Making their return to the tent is Tom Hetherington and Chuen-Yan (known as Yan) from 2017 and from the 2018 cast Briony Williams and the one who stole our hearts, Terry Hartill.

Here’s a recap of the four returning bakers.

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Briony, Tom, Yan & Terry walking into tent.

Tom Hetherington

The now 31-year-old baker returns to the tent after the experience of The Great British Bake Off gave him bundles of confidence the first time.

Currently running his own cake making business Tom Eats Cake we are excited to see his latest cake masterpiece.

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I haven’t posted in a month: work has been stressful; lacking any sort of motivation; my diet has been garbage; stupidly increased my alcohol intake; lack of exercise; lack of sleep; anxiety through the roof; disappointment in the way I’m appearing on ~social media~ – all contributing to the landslide of my [sometimes fragile] mind. So my other half and I took off to the countryside last weekend, to reset. I went for a 10km run last night. I baked this cake – the first in over a month. I’m reminding myself how lucky I am and how privileged my life is, and how lucky I am to have the support I do. Oh, and the cake is summer berry and coconut. The recipe might appear at some point, but posting it is basically bottom of my list of priorities. Sorry ✌️x

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Yan is the second contestant from the 2017 series of the show. Throughout the series, Yan wowed us with her cakes that defied science. As a molecular biologist, Yan wasn’t afraid of a challenge.

We are happy to see from Yans’ Instagram that she’s been baking plenty of goodies and keeping her sense of humour throughout.

Briony Williams

Recently Briony had to go to the hospital, the 34-year-old shared with her Instagram following on how she’s not been listening to her body. But we are glad to hear she’s fully on the mend and just a few days ago Briony wowed her Instagram following with her cover of Step Forward magazine.

It seems like the star is doing amazingly well and we are excited to see her in the Christmas special.

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I don't talk about my hand a lot but I'm so chuffed to be on the front cover of Step Forward which is a magazine for those living with limb loss. It may not be Vogue but I'm blooming proud of it! The last 18 months has been quite a steep learning curve in terms of how I view my hand and the term 'disabled'. I used to think of it as a dirty word full of negative connotations. But the last year and a half has taught me to say it loud and proud, it's nothing I need to be ashamed of. For me it's a journey of self acceptance and learning to take ownership of something others may view as a problem but I know is just part of who I am 💕 I'm not quite there yet but I'm getting there! #disability #limbdifference #tenfingersareoverrated #limbdifferenceawareness #selfacceptance #selfawareness #covergirl #bodypositivity #bodypositive #disabled #proud

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Terry Hartill

The final star of The Festive edition of Bake Off is Terry Hartill. Terry who is a retired air stewardess was evicted from the competition in episode 5 fans of the show were gutted.

Especially after Terry was unable to compete in episode 4 due to being unwell, leaving his fans worried for his health.

However, Terry was soon on the mend, creating his spectacular pieces all over again.