The Great House Giveaway: Meet Simon O’Brien - presenter and actor!
Screenshot: Simon O'Brien The Great House Giveaway - Channel 4

The Great House Giveaway: Meet Simon O’Brien - presenter and actor!

Channel 4 show The Great House Giveaway is leaving viewers wondering where they may have seen presenter Simon O’Brien before.

The Great House Giveaway kicked off on October 5th, 2020. The show sees two strangers tasked with renovating a house bought at auction. From Newport to Leeds and everywhere in-between, participants of the show are given the opportunity to make a profit by flipping houses.

He’s the man who sees the sixth-month renovation process through from start to finish; without further adieu, it’s time to get acquainted with the property show’s host, Simon.

Screenshot: Simon O’Brien The Great House Giveaway – Channel 4

The Great House Giveaway: Who is Simon?

Simon O’Brien, 55, is certainly a man with many strings to his bow. The Liverpudlian kicked off his acting career in 1982 and starred in the first episode of British soap Brookside.

As well as Brookside, Simon has appeared in Fraggle Rock and Grange Hill. Plus, it’s not only the TV screen Simon is limited to, but the actor has also performed on stage in productions such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Neville’s Island and Snow White and The Seven Dwarves.

Simon’s boats a great deal of TV and radio presenting experience, too. He’s presented everything from The Football Years VO, A Taste For Travel, Premier League All Stars, The Renovation Game, and much more. Viewers may also recognise Simon after he appeared as a contestant on Celebrity Mastermind in 2011.

Does Simon O’Brien have a wife?

Viewers of The Great House Giveaway may wonder whether the show’s presenter is married with children. The 55-year-old has clearly had an interesting career. But what about his family life?

According to a 2016 report from The Express, he and his wife, Elizabeth, share a 10-year-old daughter named Rosa. Simon’s wife works as a teacher but little is known about his private life.

Is Simon a property developer?

As many Channel 4 fans will see during the show, not only does Simon present the show but also he also gets stuck in with the DIY. As it turns out, the actor and presenter is also a property developer.

According to his website, Simon spends his spare time “scouring Europe seeking out derelict properties to renovate: all done from an ecological perspective”. You can follow his property development account on Instagram here!

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