The Last Leg Covid-19 song has fans in stitches - lyrics from Channel 4 show revealed!

The Last Leg brings us the best round of current affairs in an entertaining and witty format.

Hosted by presenting trio Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker, they keep viewers up with the latest news in a series of sketches and discussions with their celebrity guests.

With the coronavirus outbreak a hot topic now, several programmes on telly focus on news and guidelines about the virus. Other shows create songs.

And on last week’s episode of the series (Friday, March 6th) the presenters couldn’t help but create a song about the virus and the nation’s panic buying of toilet paper rolls.

So, here are the lyrics of the coronavirus song from the Channel 4 show!

The Last Leg

What is the Covid-19 song about?

In its lyrics, The Last Leg coronavirus song tells about the importance of personal hygiene and keeping your hands clean at all times.

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Funnily, the song also features a few lines about the panic buying of toilet rolls from people across the country.

  • OMG: Adam Hills’ beard continues to grow – The Last Leg host will shave at the end of Brexit!

The Last Leg coronavirus song

Song lyrics

The lyrics of the song are as following:

Covid-19, oh keep your hands clean

Take a moment, wash off everything

It’s not a race, stay away from your face

Don’t be dirty, with Covid-19

The Last Leg coronavirus song

Then the song continues as:

Covid-19, two loo rolls eh (x2)

Two rolls, two rolls, two loo rolls

Fans have their say on best coronavirus songs

In Friday’s episode, Adam Hills also read some of the nation’s most favourite coronavirus songs picked up by viewers watching at home.

Some of them include tunes such as MC Hammer’s ‘U Can’t Touch This’ and anything by Miley Virus, aka Miley Cyrus.

At least some people are able to look at the bright side of the virus outbreak across the world…



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