The new season of Channel 4’s Gogglebox started last week and we were re-introduced to some of our favourite faces, as well as some new ones. Two of the newbies to make their debut on episode 2 were the Scottish couple, Roisin and Joe.

The pair will be Gogglebox’s first Scottish duo and they will be joining the others to give their opinions on some of the best and worst TV of the week. The couple has already captivated fans of the show and now we want to know more.

Reality Titbit did some digging and have all the details on the pair, check it out.

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Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy | Trailer | BBC

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy | Trailer | BBC
Roisin and Joe. Picture: Channel 4 Press Pack

Meet Roisin and Joe

Roisin, 23 and her boyfriend Joe, 25 both live together in Glasgow and currently reside in Joe’s parent’s house after the couple decided to move in together at the start of lockdown in 2020.

The couple has been together for over four years now and is going strong. According to Channel 4, Roisin says her favourite things in life are fashion and all things style as well as making time to get glammed up and socialise with her friends.

Joe enjoys more low-key activities in his past time, such as video gaming with his friends and hanging out with his girlfriend. Oh, and he is a sucker for making homemade pizza too!

Roisin’s real job is pretty cool!

There isn’t much out there to know about Joe and his real job is yet to be disclosed but we hope as the show goes on that we can learn more about him.

However, we did manage to find out what Roisin does for a living via her LinkedIn profile. The new reality TV star works full-time for BBC Scotland where she is employed as a social media producer.

Aside from this, Roisin also has her own, successful, weekly podcast with her friend Cassi Guisepe called The Love/Hate Club, where the girls talk about all things “life, culture, friendships, dating and everything else in between, as they dissect bizarre obsessions and irrational hates”.

Roisin spoke about her own ‘hates’ on her podcast and from her response, we can already see her humour and personality shining through, Roisin said, “hates people that leave the big light on. Just put a lamp on, create some ambience”.

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Roisin has almost 50k followers on TikTok

Roisin knows how to work on social media and her job has definitely come in handy for that when it comes to her own social outreach.

The reality star boasts a whopping 50K followers on TikTok but unfortunately for us, her account is private so we cant see her videos or content. However, we can see that she has over 1.2 Million likes on her page so she is obviously doing something right.

From her podcast we can hear her undeniable humour and even from the couple’s first debut episode last week they have an energy and humour between each other that we already love and we cant wait to see and learn more about the Glaswegian duo.



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