There’s a new four-part documentary series kicking off on Channel 4 Thursday, August 8th that’s set to be the feel-good show of the summer.

This new series is a twist on the C4 classic The Secret Millionaire but instead of successful entrepreneurs immersing themselves in local communities they’re going into schools across Britain.

Addressing difficulties both students and teachers are facing and the terrifying future of job prospects, the show will take a long hard look at issues in Britain’s education system.

So who is Paul Rowlett, the media mogul from episode 1, and what is his business?

Haileybury Turnford – Courtney (student), Loui (student) and Paul Rowlett (Volunteer/Entrepreneur).

What is The Secret Teacher about?

The first episode (Thursday, August 8th) of The Secret Teacher sees businessman Paul Rowlett go into Haileybury Turnford, a secondary school in Hertfordshire.

Over six weeks, Paul will immerse himself into the school’s community, pretending to be a teaching assistant. And at the end of the six weeks, he will help the kids by offering them a job, a bursary to continue studies or help to set up their own business.

One of the other entrepreneurs featured on the show will be Liverpudlian property empress Kate Stewart, who made her first million by the age of 23 after leaving school as a single mum with no qualifications.

Who is Paul Rowlett?

Paul Rowlett was born in Leicester and lives there to this day with wife Jen and two King Charles Cavalier spaniels.

Leaving school with just one GCSE, Paul signed up to the Navy and served in the Iraq War. But things went steadily downhill after he left service.

Paul was made redundant from two sales jobs during the recession and was on benefits with a repossession order on his home.


Paul Rowlett’s life changed in 2010 when he took the leap and founded city-based distributor Charles Alexander Distribution and his flagship online brand, He did this all from a laptop that came free with his mobile phone contract!

You can follow Paul on Instagram for all his latest updates @paulcrowlett.

Everything Branded is now a multi-million-pound franchise with massive companies such as Samsung, Asda, Greggs, Lufthansa, AA, ITV, and the NHS under their belt.

By 2013, the company surpassed £2 million and they started to win awards.

By 2015, EverythingBranded USA was on the horizon and Paul Rowlett decided to open up head quarters in Las Vegas.

Speaking to Leicestershire Live, Paul said: “Our ultimate target is to break $100 million by early 2021, with a staff of up to 260 people”.




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