Top tips from the Food Unwrapped lunch special - wraps have more calories than bread!

A special Food Unwrapped episode (Thursday, June 7th) investigated the L word.

From sandwiches to wraps, takeaway bites to supermarket meal-deals, lunch is the time to switch off and relax for an hour.

However, while the concept of a lunch break is supposed to rejuvenate and refresh you, many people in the UK head back to work feeling even more tired and lethargic. Could it be what you’re eating?

Here’s what we learned – mapped out simply – from the Food Unwrapped lunch episode on Channel 4.

Screenshot: Food Unwrapped 2019 – lunch!

Hints and tips!

Avoid fried chicken: On average, the Food Unwrapped team found that one portion of fried chicken contained at least 50% of your daily salt and fat intake.

Wraps contain more calories than bread: Something that shocked many viewers was the fact that wraps contain 100 more calories than any bread.

Screenshot: Food Unwrapped 2019 – lunch!

Sushi isn’t all that: The investigators also found that a lot of sushi meals had high quantities of sugar, as much as eight digestive biscuits in one meal. However, for healthier sushi, all you need to do is say no to the soy sauce.

Calories depend on your job: 600 calories should be your limit for lunch if you’ve got a regular office job. Only those who are more active can eat more without putting on weight.

Avoid the meatball sub: Although experts didn’t say the brand of meatball sub and never specifically said that it was from Subway, they did confirm that a 12-inch meal can come with as many as 1,100 calories. That’s more than burger and chips, a hot dog or any pre-packaged meal-deal!

Screenshot: Food Unwrapped 2019 – lunch!

Investigating sandwiches

Co-presenter Matt Tebbutt dropped the bombshell that 11 million sandwiches are sold in the UK every day.

So, chances are, that’s what you eat for lunch.

Although most supermarket sandwiches contain around 300 calories, the healthiness of your favourite sarnie comes down to the filling, sauces and bread type.

Screenshot: Food Unwrapped 2019 – lunch!

Importantly, the Food Unwrapped crew concluded that wraps were more unhealthy than sandwiches. This was because of the increase in calorie content and higher oil content.

Wraps weren’t as calorific as bagels, though!

Most calories: Bagels – wraps – white bread

Least calories: Brown and wholegrain breads



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