TOWIE: Why did Chloe Brockett and Harry break up?

The final episode of TOWIE’s series 26 is kicking off with drama tonight, following Chloe Brockett and her ex Harry Lee’s conversation.

A preview clip sees Chloe having disagreements with multiple cast members, such as Tom McDonnell and Saffron Lempriere.

It comes after she approached Harry at Kelsey Stratford’s fundraiser ping pong event, asking how he was, following his break-up with Frankie Sims.

So why did Chloe Brockett and Harry break up in the first place? Let’s take a look back at their previous relationship and what happened!

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Chloe Brockett and Harry Lee: Timeline

Harry and Chloe were new cast members to TOWIE in 2019, in series 24.

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They initially first went on an awkward date but decided to stay friends.

However they later kissed on a night out, despite Harry asking former TOWIE cast member Chloe Ross on a date around the same time.

Chloe Brockett and Harry first appeared to confirm their romance in May 2019 with public displays of affection. They later split in the same month.

Harry then got into a relationship with Frankie in September 2019, who he has now split with after a year together.

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Why did Chloe Brockett and Harry break up?

  • Their relationship broke down due to not being compatible

Their relationship led to issues within friendships, including Chloe falling out with co-stars Kelsey Stratford and Ella Wise for kissing Harry.

Following their rocky relationship, they decided to split up. Chloe told her Insta followers they had stopped seeing each other, adding that she wishes him “nothing but the best but sometimes people just aren’t compatible”.

They were seen arguing in September 2019 after their split, when Chloe said Harry had told her not to order profiteroles. She later claimed in the same conversation that he had told her to lose weight.

He told Chloe that she had “turned bitter” and that he “just didn’t want to be with” her anymore.

Chloe and Harry on TOWIE series 26

Drama seems to erupt in the upcoming episode, following Chloe asking Harry how he is while he goes through a break-up from Frankie.

He told Chloe that “break-ups are hard”. She said that he hasn’t seemed like the person she knew, as when she first met him, he was a “loud, cocky, confident person”.

Chloe said: “I feel like you lost that for a while.” However Harry said he “don’t think that was down to her”, going on to tell Chloe that it’s “weird” that she’s asking him how he is.

She then said:

I always will care for you, in a way, not in a romantic way or anything like that. I will care for you because we did go through a lot together.



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