It’s not uncommon that contestants have to leave The Island with Bear Grylls. From the lack of water and food to injuries and personal struggles, all kinds of things get in the way of contestants completing the month-long challenge.

But in the new series of the show, restyled as Treasure Island with Bear Grylls, one contestant left without a trace.

So what happened with Ruby Torry on Treasure Island and why did she leave? We’ve done some digging to find out what really went down.


Who is Ruby?

Ruby Torry is a 20-year-old waitress from Yorkshire.

Ruby is a fitness fanatic and when she’s not working at the restaurant, she is working with her personal trainer. You can check out Ruby’s fitness progress on Instagram @ruby_torry.

She also had a brief stint on television before signing up to Treasure Island. In 2018, Ruby was a finalist on ITV’s The Big Audition.

But as television appearances go, Ruby’s on Treasure Island was not greatly of note. It would seem that she had been largely cut out of the edits before she left and they did not feature Ruby as much as her fellow contestants.

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Why did Ruby leave the island?

Usually in TV series, if there is something happens to a castmate or their family in the outside world there is some explanation.


But in episode 2 (Sunday, September 15th) Ruby’s departure was not shown.

Instead, the episode concluded with the statement: “Homesick and unable to cope with the conditions, 20-year-old waitress Ruby left the island after five days.”

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What really happened?

On Twitter, Ruby replied to viewers explaining that things were happening at home which were not shown on the show.

On Instagram, she replied to a few comments explaining that although they don’t have communication with the outside world, “if needed the producers can radio the Camera crew away from us” to inform of any issues. This is what must have happened to Ruby on the island.

Ruby also continued to say that “they [Channel 4] didn’t need to go into details” and that the statement they made at the end of episode 2 was a “polite way of them putting the situation at home.”

No exact reasons have been given by Ruby, but there is obviously more to the Channel 4 statement than just homesickness and the island’s difficult conditions.

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