Bear Grylls is back for a new series of The Island and this time, with a twist!

Since the show started in 2014, it has undergone a variety of changes in format. The survival show has pitted the young against old, men against women, and the most recent season saw groups categorised by wealth… you can imagine that one caused quite a stir!

This season of The Island, or Treasure Island with Bear Grylls as it is called, sees a group of twelve Britons aged 20 to 75 take on the challenge. But this time around, they are trying to survive and find the £100,000 cash prize hidden somewhere on the pacific island.

One of the contestants taking on the challenge is ghostwriter, fitness guru and reality star Elissa Corrigan. Let’s get to know star of the show Elissa a bit better.

Treasure Island With Bear Grylls - Elissa.

Treasure Island With Bear Grylls – Elissa.

Who is Elissa Corrigan?

Elissa is a 33-year-old originally from Liverpool.

The brunette beauty is currently an MD of Life Lab Retreat, a retreat aiming to educate about how to live a life of optimum health.

Treasure Island isn’t Elissa’s first venture into the world of reality television. In 2011 she was a star of E4’s Desperate Scousewives.

Speaking about why she wanted to do the show, Elissa said:

I didn’t want to be painted as this airhead from that show. I’m actually not the glamour puss that they made me out to be on that show. That image has followed me around for years, this image of me with big hair, fake nails and eyelashes.

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Elissa’s ghosty job

One of Elissa’s other jobs is working as a ghostwriter. Ghostwriting is where you are the author writing the text – be it speeches, essays, books and so on – but the official credit is given to someone else.


Many reality stars and celebrities use ghostwriters for their autobiographies and personal books.

Most notably, Elissa has written for one reality star who has made a career out of selling weight loss books: Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan.

Elissa ghost wrote both Holly Hagan’s Body Bible: 12 Week Fat-Loss Guide and Holly Hagan’s Lose Five Pounds in One Week.

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Elissa on Instagram

If Elissa is your favourite on the Island, then be sure to follow her on Instagram.

She already has over 18,000 followers on her Insta @misselissac where she posts all her latest projects, travel snaps and more.

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