Made in Chelsea: Who is Verity's boyfriend? Meet the 'DJ' she's dating!

Verity Bowditch made her return to Made in Chelsea, as the cast headed to a new season 21 house. She said she has a new boyfriend…

During her comeback, the E4 star made amends with co-star Olivia Bentley, and chatted to cast member and singer Julius, who she previously kissed.

She went on to tell him that their kiss happened over a year ago, and that she now has a boyfriend – who is a DJ (and “one step up from a singer”).

So, who is Verity Bowditch’s boyfriend? What does he do for a living and how long have they been together? We done some research.

Screenshot: Verity Bowditch, Made in Chelsea, Series 21 Episode 5, All 4

Verity reveals she has a boyfriend

Julius seemed to have a little bit of hope that he could start flirting with Verity, especially as they have some romantic history.

However, Verity quickly shut him down after their co-star Fredrick Ferrier asked them about a kiss that happened between her and Julius.

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She said it happened more than a year ago, and went on to reveal that she “fully has a boyfriend” now, who is a DJ – “one step above a singer”.

This led several viewers to wonder who her musician boyfriend is…

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea, Series 21 Episode 5, All 4
Screenshot: Made in Chelsea, Series 21 Episode 5, All 4
Screenshot: Made in Chelsea, Series 21 Episode 5, All 4
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Who is Verity Bowditch’s boyfriend?

  • Upon research, it looks like it could be Cameron Jack

Although this has not been confirmed, Verity has regularly been exchanging comments with a DJ called Cameron Jack.

As she claimed that her boyfriend is a DJ, it would make complete sense that he could be the guy who she is talking about.

She recently commented on his latest post: “You’d probably be quite good on the windows tbf”, after he said his next job could be in window cleaning.

He also commented on one of her recent photos, saying: “Nice t shirt.” This suggests she might have been wearing his clothes…

Cameron’s latest Instagram story appeared to feature what looked and sounded like Verity, as she had been eating “moth eggs” by accident.

Screenshot: Cameron Jack’s Instagram story on April 26, 2021
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Meet the DJ on Instagram

Meet the DJ on Instagram

Cameron is a DJ and producer from London.

Neither him nor Verity appear to have photos together, but they regularly talk on there, and Verity’s bestie and co-star Sophie Habboo follows him.

In April 2020, it looked like Cameron was working in Antigua.

But recently, he revealed he misses his job as a DJ, as the global pandemic has meant he hasn’t been able to work like he usually does.

Having performed in several venues, he seems to love the party atmosphere and regularly attends festivals, as well as music events.



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