Many Married at First Sight viewers have been concerned that Virginia Coombs, who got married to Erik, might have a drinking issue.

This year’s series of Married at First Sight features Virginia and Erik who are one of the most-talked about couples on the Lifetime show.

In last night’s episode (Wednesday, March 10th), the two shared a very romantic moment when they said ‘I love you’ to each other.

But viewers couldn’t help but notice that Virginia had a lot of drinks and many are worried that she may have a problem.

Virginia on MAFS, Lifetime on YouTube

MAFS: Meet Virginia Coombs

Virginia Coombs, 26, is a a customer service specialist who lives in Atlanta. She attended the University of Tennessee where she studied Recreation and Sports Management.

The Married at First Sight experts matched Virginia with 34-year-old pilot Erik Lake and the two tied the knot in episode 2.

After their wedding, Erik called his wife “absolutely gorgeous”, while Virginia revealed that she never felt such an “instant connection” with someone else before.

Fans are concerned that Virginia might have drinking problem

Since the start of the series, many fans have shared their concerns about Virginia’s drinking habits and this was the case with the show’s latest episode as well.

One viewer tweeted: “Have we ever seen Virginia sober? In all seriousness, I really think she might be a functioning alcoholic.”

Another fan wrote: “Virginia is not a good look for the pilot. She doesn’t even carry herself like a woman who is married and the binge drinking is very unbecoming.”

Someone else asked: “Is it just me or does Virginia have a drinking problem?”

Many viewers have also criticised the experts for matching Erik and Virginia as a lot of them don’t see the two together in the long run.

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Dr. Viviana Coles responds to viewers on social media

After their wedding, a lot of viewers have called out the show’s matchmaking experts, claiming that Erik and Virginia have been matched for “drama” and “ratings”.

Following criticism from fans, Dr. Viviana Coles wrote in a now-deleted post (via

“These comments are disgusting. I can’t hold my tongue anymore. These are real people. I’m so glad you ‘care’ about them but your accusations and assumptions don’t reflect that.

“Wish them well and watch their journey. Anything else is just mean-spirited and thoughtless. You don’t know them. You likely won’t ever know them in their hearts. Stop the nastiness.”



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