Are Wayne Lineker and Billie Jean still together? Celebs Go Dating post-show updates!

Are Wayne Lineker and Billie Jean still together? Celebs Go Dating post-show updates!

Wayne and Billie seemed to be getting along smoothly on Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion. So the question is, are they now together?

This year saw celebrities and singletons move in together in a Surrey mansion, which seemed to make them even closer along the way.

While Ibiza club owner Wayne Lineker tried to find his perfect match, he became very fond of Billie Jean, a model who turned up halfway through.

So, are Wayne and Billie Jean still together? Let’s have a sneak peek through their social media profiles to find out what’s going on…

Screenshot: Wayne Lineker and Billie Jean, Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion, Episode 20: Finale, All 4

Wayne and Billie Jean on Celebs Go Dating

Wayne was immediately drawn to her, despite the fact that he had been on a date with Jodie Burling.

When Billie Jean turned up at a Celebs Go Dating party, he said he hadn’t fancied anyone in the mansion until 25 minutes ago (when she arrived).

He said that Billie Jean ticked every box, who he has been seen laughing and holding hands with – he’s even made tea for her in the morning!

When it came to the masquerade ball, Wayne sent Jodie home, and decided to keep Billie Jean in the mansion.

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Are Wayne and Billie Jean together now?

  • No

Although Wayne took Billie Jean to meet his family, their flirtationship became a friendship in the end.

This is despite revealing that he would marry Billie Jean, 25, on the show.

They both still follow each other on Instagram.

Wayne reacts to Celebs Go Dating post-show

Wayne videoed the ending scene on Celebs Go Dating, where him and Billie Jean told each other how they felt.

Posting on his Instagram story, he wrote “love always babe”, adding in the words: “My vegan, my Bajan, my beautiful sensation”.

During the finale ceremony, Wayne told Billie Jean that they have never stopped laughing, adding that they have “such a strong connection”.

Billie Jean, on the other hand, didn’t share a reaction to her and Wayne’s speeches. But she wrote: “Farewell guys” on an Instagram story, in response to a jokey picture of the both of them.

Instead, she uploaded a picture of the Celebs Go Dating group, reminisicing on the experience she had inside the mansion.



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